Product and News Information 05/2023

                                          Product and News Information 05/2023             Today is 05/24/2023. I am providing a update on my Products. I have recently completed Bios Version 1.5. The Bios chip design basically is optimized from 576 bits to 648 Bits. The Design introduces in the Bios screen a tunneling menu item also the design produces 88,000 plus bits verses the standard 65536 on a PC or server link below:                 I have begun work on a new CPU Design that optimizes the CPU 904 bit architecture this includes a new file and hashing algorithm. The file and hashing algorithm is compatible with IPV6 when loading files on the Internet. I have recently read about IPV9 that uses 2048 bits probably a little down the road because North America has been slow on the adaptation of IPV6.           Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation is now a service mark of Barry L. Crouse registered in Idaho.            My Instagra

Thoughts on "Top Contributors"

                                                  Thoughts on "Top Contributors"                 Today is 05/12/2023. I would like to discuss today about people who claim to be a Top Contributor and shown to not have any knowledge regarding the topic.             I was out on my facebook page and the Linux group had a top contributor who apparently decided that Networking fundamentals are not needed as a Linux expert. This raised my eye brows somewhat because most operating systems Linux, Unix, IBM, Microsoft have Networking components tied into the operating system itself. The expert disregarded the OSI 7 stack layer and demonstrated no knowledge of Networking fundamentals. The expert relied totally on VPN without understanding the lower levels of the Network stack protocols and what was needed to reach the application layer. The reason I bring this up is when you use a wired connection you can secure the frame 2nd layer above the physical layer using 802.1x this authenticat

Product and News Information 04/2023

                                              Product and News Information 04/2023                     Today is 04/19/2023. I have been doing a lot in this month of April. The following has been completed.                          1). Completed copyright 112 with a new 576 bit Bios chip with menu screen fully developed and encryption model. In this copy right I had to use some scaling techniques because the pins were .10 cm link    This design has a manufacturing label attached to the chip itself. The encryption technique was able to use a prime number in one instance and has been proven three times to work so this looks like a patent idea that is workable. The beauty of this is the next in a pattern is 512 for the modeling I used but I used 576 instead and it worked out.                       2) Idaho approved a state trademark of  word phrase Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation.                          3). The 113th copyright is below

Thoughts on Private Sanctions 04/15/2023

               Thoughts on Private Sanctions        Today is 04/15/2023. I would like to talk about the term “Private Sanctions”. I will give you a example. We had some Russian Rubles at home and decided to convert them to US. Dollars. We did not have very much. We took the rubles to the local banks of Tacoma specifically Key Bank, US Bank, and Chase Bank. We were told they have been sanctioned even though the Ruble is listed on kitco as a global currency. We did further research and found that Banks are doing this themselves. On another example, We attempted to mail a document to my wife’s friend in Russia and was told by Public and Private carriers they cannot mail a document. The following discriminatory acts have occurred that gives my wife and I Grave concerns:           1). We have paid all our bills on time the past 19 plus years and in fact most of the bills paid in person when we were paying electronically we found our credit scores to be lowered artificially. I have

My thoughts on future endeavers

                                         My thoughts on future endeavors             Today is 04/08/2023. Happy Easter to all in the Western world. If you are in the East, Easter is April 16,2023 because of the different calendar's.          My future plans finding a community that would work into my lifestyle. When I work I like to work alone free from distractions. When I take my family out or myself I do not like to live in a hostile environment that has many people that have Psychiatric issues tied into drug usage as I encountered this last week four out of 5 days lacking common sense. My ideal community would have a population around 100,000. I have always liked the ocean or when I was young going to Springfield, Missouri Silver Dollar City 1975 when my family left North Charleston, South Carolina staying in Missouri about two months before the final destination Cleveland Ohio. When my dad took us to Cleveland Ohio, at the time I did not understand why we lived a life of just

Thoughts on being a social media Influencer

                    I have been asked about my future plans which entails many things. As far as Social Media, I found out that I was given a Celebrity Status Media Influencer and I am grateful for this opportunity. I thank God for this also Facebook and Instagram for making this happen and the people who follow and support my work in the field of science and technology after 20 plus years of writing copyrights and Registering trademarks, and Now doing Industrial Design Patents. I have my sights on One million Instagram Followers a long way to go but I am making progress reaching presently around 140,000 followers. I would like to make 10,000 followers for my facebook page Barry Equality Field Equation and yes I have to work on promoting Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation at some point and the idea of trademarking my own name if possible. I do not wish to engage in politics because presently I am receiving many external forces to give my point of view. The problem with this is Some

Thoughts on IRS Tax Season

                                                                            Thoughts on IRS Tax Season                  Today is 03/28/2023. I would like to provide my thoughts on the IRS Tax Season.                As some of you know or might not know, fiscal year begins in October before January of the new year. I had many kinds of Electronic Communication issues starting with my VOIP it would be disconnected and than connected also calling up tech support and waiting two hours for troubleshooting and than recommending you go out and buy a new device and still not work. Email despite using OPENDNS content filtering, and other protection related software malaware, Virus, etc. I still encountered email that would bypass my security controls. The certificates for my email was upgraded to RSA 4096 and it has worked to some degree way better than RSA 2048 with end to end encryption but it is not full proof either. I have had to watch my router and noticed many IP Packet flood attacks in c

Barrys Scientific Based Products -Product announcement March 2023

                                        Product announcements March 2023        Today is 03/19/2023. I wanted to announce that I have applied for a Industrial Design Patent in Canada. The Industrial Design Patent is pending.  The photo is above used on the finished product Barrys scientific Based Products.            In other news, I have completed my 111th copyright finishing off the low to middle range server with the 128 Pin Bios Chip Design. The method and process has been tested twice on 64 and 128 pins and presents a new method or process of Encryption. The menu screen for the Bios chip has been enhanced including a 16384 Bit Bios Screen along with a Date Encryption method attached to the copyright.    I wanted to thank Proton mail because 2048 bit encryption keys are no longer any good so I happily generated a RSA 4096 bit key promoting privacy and security I could have used the ECC method and make it even harder but having software manufactures having to beef up the Internet