Dear Government and News Media quit pushing your Monkey DNA vaccines on others

         This is a open letter to News Media and the Governments who insist on pushing monkey DNA Vaccines on others.         I would like to begin by stating that Monkey to Human DNA is measured at 70 percent not 99 percent because this was estimated back in the 70's when Computers were in their infancy. The information was also presented by creation ministry's. I am not a bio chemist but to my understanding and research a monkey cell is used for a full report please view link below it discusses fusion with the human cells creating a chemical reaction link below      I also completed research on people who have o negative blood types and found the article below      Certain cells that Covid 19 uses or has access are not present in this blood type so this gives a certain amount of immunity. World Governments, News Media, Some churches who insist one size fits all Vaccine really show a p

Thoughts about Innovation and Historical Figures

                        Today is 05/10/2021. I was going through the youtube videos and one thing that tend to stick out the past few days was a Innovator named Steve Jobs and in their included Albert Einstein.                               I would like to point out that the people I mentioned compared to myself have fundamental differences in beliefs. These people tended to lean toward the secular world whereas I leaned toward Intelligent Design. I would like to state these people were brilliant in their own right and I would not want to take this away from them but at the same time I believed they had some fundamental flaws in their approaches.                          In Albert Einstein's case, I have mentioned this over a number of years  about his equation not being correct and used Computers and Mathematics with some physics to prove my point as demonstrated in November 2018 when I balanced the Barry equality Field equation . Albert Einstein did not have access to Computers

In Response to "Readem and Weep" sung by Barry Manilow

                  Today is 04/17/2021. I would like to ell another story that has odd twist and turns.                  In March 2021, I was coming home after driving my wife to work and we were listening to Casey Kasem. Casey was giving a dedication from a Individual with the following story.                 The person knew of someone who ran in 6th Grade the Junior Olympics 50 yard dash in a different state than this person moved to Ohio and ran the 400 meters. The individual than dedicated a song by Barry Manilow Readem and Weep". This individual from the looks of it wanted to send me a message because I ran the 50 yard dash in 6th Grade Junior Olympics and than the 400 meters. I can remember I had a lot of success back in 1980 winning the Indoor 400 meters Pioneer Conference meet.               The following month April 2021 I began to complete a google search on myself and found under my name some old track pictures that were listed as Historic images. I knew some of these pi

My thoughts on having a spiritual connected moment

                     Today is 04/07/2021. I have been thinking about writing this for  quiet sometime. People have been wanting to know a little more than sports, science, business topics. I think the best way to present this is by placing it in a story format so I will do it this way.                        I can remember around May 1979 Baldwin Wallace, Berea, Ohio. I was going to run the 1600 meter relay  four people 400 meters per person. I can remember it was cold and damp that night so I knew I was going to have some problems because of my Asthma. I was 16 years old at the time. I ran my portion of the 400 meters with my time a little off. After the race, I was dizzy and seeing stars along with my legs shaking. I can remember being barely able to walk and found a place behind some bushes outside the stadium and passed out for about 1 hour. I felt much better afterwards staggering but able to walk about two - three miles back to home.                    I remembered that I went to

32768 bit Certificate completed on 03/13/2021

                     Today is 03/13/2021. I created a Private key of 32768 bits using Sha-512 to create a PKCS 12 and CA  server Certificate. They were placed on the Firefox browser and it was accepted.                        The total time to create the certificate took 1 hour and 1 minute. I can use this as a means to secure communication .crt as well.                        I had a idea using a HP laptop about 9-10 years old that still works and I guess I got lucky given about 15 years ago I took a AMD 939 CPU created 4 subkeys 4096 bits and fried the pins on the CPU so the attempt was successful. The gamble paid off.                   The certificate is good for one year. 03/13/2021 Barry L. Crouse

My thoughts on Spiritual abuse and Theological Thugs

                                Today is 03/07/2021. I recently watched a youtube video on someone discussing Spiritual Abuse and Theological Thugs and thought about my situation.                                Spiritual abuse after completing research is taken from the Bible and used to do harm to others there are many examples of this such as the following:                                Using the youtube video, To show women in questionable clothing and than accusing somebody of sin when it comes across your youtube feed via robot.                                Preachers on youtube video wanting to convey a message about all the sin in your past and you made a unpardonable sin and you cannot be redeemed.                                Another example is using someone's life that is similar to yours, and using it against them example after posting a blog about why I kept receiving for two straight weeks The Highlander series regarding Duncan and Tessa about her ending. In this i

March Newsletter 2021

         Today is 03/01/2021. I have much to report and talk about so I will get right into it.         On February 2021, I was approved for a service mark in Idaho named "Barry and Irina Partnership"  it is now registered.         I have ran across some questionable Certificate of Authority's example a hosting service I paid for hosted the website and SSL. Mozilla Firefox reported the certificated I purchased was self signed. After completing research, I found it used a Private Cluster and it stays within the Network itself so I basically paid 56.00 for the Hosting and 19.00 for the SSL that was reported self signed. I basically had to use a redirect on the website to the original business not a choice of mine but it provides a temporary patch.       I will have to consider a new hosting service or try and salvage it by replacing the SSL that is not in house. I could not figure out why after months and months of heavy advertising why the search engines did not list it.  

Dealing with Church and Social Media and Propaganda

                         Dealing with   Church and Social Media and Propaganda                   Today is 02/16/2021. I must confess today I had issues coming up with a title for this Journalistic Piece but given the occurrences that have happened I think it is appropiate                 I was surfing on Easyhits4u traffic exchange and while surfing I came across a site that belonged to free rotator site. This site used a biblical verse with two billy goats butting heads and it used a questionable version of the bible Amplified version not the King James. This organization had a facebook page. After completing research, The organization belonged to lighthouse Ministries from Montgomery, Alabama. The verse talks about telling a brother when he is wrong in private so trying to send a cryptic message to myself and others. I would like to point out your mistakes since you brought it up and they are the following :              1). I was mostly banned from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Li

Thoughts on Slavery Repreations You forgot something in your Western History Books

          Today is 02/09/2021. I came across a article regarding the U.S. and making slave reparation payments. The article is below for review:        The problem with this is the U.S. and it's Public Education along with Social Media refused to accept the fact that Irish were sold into slavery in the 1600's and 1700's.          As I get older, I find many inconvenient truths that were hidden and should have been made known example I attended Baptist Churches for over 20 years and knowing that I am from what I understand a Irish Tartan Clan Singleton were sold as slaves for 5 pounds on the trading blocks. Imagine every time you went to church service and held your head down knowing you did not belong there without knowing your history until later on in life hint you knew deep inside but did not know The link is below

Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter January 2021

                   Today is 01/27/2021. I have a lot of information to cover so I will begin to get right into it.                  1). I have completed my 94th Copyright with the full development of the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation. The work is located on under Post Quantum Cryptography version three.                  2). I have signed and certify off on two certificates using my 16384 bit certificate. I was able to certify a Certificate based in Switzerland. The Certificate has full trust rights on my server.                3). Search with Barry ! according to global Internet Rankings has made the Top 100,000 sites in the world and is doing quiet well after roughly three months.                4). Barry Equality Field equation is now a service mark of Washington State in addition to Florida.                 5). I have created a partnership Business with my wife named Barry and Irina Partnership registered in