Okay Youtube and Brad Pitt sharing some of your stories

             Today is 09/29/2020. My youtube feed has been flooded with Brad Pitt's Life in general for whatever reasons I do not know unusual though.               I seen some of Brad Pitts youtube Life events so I guess when I said I do not know the actor to well I am being introduced in a round about way little humor. I guess I am obligated to share some life events as well.             I saw his interview regarding Troy and Greek literature. I can remember when I was growing up in South Carolina back in the early 70's I use to read many books about Greek Mythology and could not get enough. The school I attended was Alice Birney Elementary, North Charleston, South Carolina 1970-1975 basically my dad was in the Navy during the war years. In 6th grade, I had the opportunity to run the 50 yard dash in the Junior Olympics, Played 1st string Wide Receiver in football went to Cleveland Ohio summer 1975 my dad was transferred to finish off his 20 years of service.          As far a

Thoughts on Social Media Influencer or Industrial Patents

                                               Thoughts on Social Media Influencer or Industrial Patents                    Today is 09/28/2020. I would like to talk about career path choices. As some of you may or may not know, I have spent many years in the Computer Field and Copyrighting business using this as a springboard to present new idea's, concepts, and innovation. I have been working on the Social Media Platforms over the past several years off and on. While Social Media is a great tool for marketing and advertisemnet, I have not gained to much off of it. There are many reasons I will attempt to list a few below:                   1). Science and Technology Class 42 has very little Interest in audiences.                   2). Audiences are more likely to view Entertainment Theater, Art, and Drama vs Science and Technology.                 3). Corporate and Government control of the Internet blocking ideas and concepts that run counter to their own ideas Freedom of Though

Thoughts on Ph.d 's

                          Today's Jornalistic Piece  is my thoughts on obtaining a Ph.d.                           I received my Ph.d back in 2008 in Computer Information Systems Life experience based on Work, Education, Certificates, Certifications, and Diplomas along with Copyrights and Trademarks.                          My belief is that a Ph.d should not be received in a college solely based on Education because the student has not obtained the work related experience or other achievements that should be required. A Ph.d means to myself Lifelong work. The culmination of years of work and learning. I believe that if a person obtains a Ph.d without any real world experience cannot contribute to anything but a classroom and brings no value this is what we call a "Educated Idiot" back in the 90's this term was used.                              In my case, I continued to learn beyond my Ph.d by homeschooling my son and working on science projects along with him sinc

How to Deal with Hollywood Actors ?

         Today is 09/14/2020. I am afraid I have to revisit the theme regarding Hollywood actors mainly because I have been getting some strange things on my Social Media Platforms.       The past week I received on my youtube channel a Movie with Brad Pitt playing Achilles in Troy. The film clips have been mostly about the fighting sword play and discussions about view points of life.          I do not know if Hollywood knows enough about me but I will have to explain and make them understand. I have spent many years in the Martial Arts 40 plus years. I practice in private but I have the camera always watching me. I take my martial arts very seriously because it governs my view points in life. I will provide a example I complete 125 kick punch combos and take a rest than I place a Irish Flag on the post and bow to all four directions than I present myself to the Irish Flag and bow in submission this honors my family heritage since they have been in America for over 400 years they hav

Dealing with Racoons and Vermin on Linux Servers

                                          Dealing with Racoons and Vermin on Linux Servers               Today is 09/13/2020, I would like totalk about the recent cyber attacks targeting Linux based Servers namely Raccon and other vermin names and what steps I took to repair my own server.               I recently read on my google news about a Raccon virus that attacks Linux based servers mainly sessions and encryption. I ran across this issue last week as my own Linux server suddenly had these types of issues.               The first step is to realize at what layers on the 7 stack OSI layers did this happen. We know encryption occurs on the 7th layer application layer and the session layer occurs at the 5th layer these are the upper layers basically the 5th through the 7th layer was being exploited which is software based but not hardware related.             I will begin by outlining the steps I took to fix my Linux Server and they are the following:          1). Secure the BIOS wi

Barrys Scientific Based Products 09/2020 Newsletter

                                              Barrys Scientific Based Products 09/2020 Newsletter                      I have had a lot to do the past month technology wise and would like to provide some updates.                       Barrys Scientific Based Products website located at now has secure capabilitys under the Alpha SSL Global sign CA. The CA works with Mozilla but does not work with Chrome. I have also added sitelock to this website as well.                             I have had to place blocks on Facebook and Reddit and made additional Infrastructure security measures do to my family and our security concerns regarding these Networks. We will probably take additional security measures to prevent these Networks allowing any access. I have added Dual Network Cards on PC's and implmenting 802.1 security coupled with a Router and a Network Switch where wired PC's are located behind. I have enjoyed the usage of tunneling ser


                                                          Espionage Complaint          Today is 09/02/2020. I would like to talk about some unusual activities that are being perpertrated within the U.S. and brings grave concerns about peoples privacy and security.          I will begin by making a observation. I noticed two weeks ago that there was a smfollower server certificate that came from Scotsdale, Arizonia and after closer inspection it was chained to digicert based in San Francisco this was very deceitful and deceptive.          On another observation, I found on my twitter account people that said I followed but did not this persons profile was a Senator Candidate and the U.S. State Department. This raises serious concerns about Private Networks and security that Public agencys and Private companies who spy for them because since I design Computer Hardware and Software along with writing Equations the issue of Espionage comes into play here. I am particularly alarmed at Face

Thoughts on Black Lives Matter and Christianity

          Today is 08/25/2020. I reopened my twitter account and it was being redirected to the Black Lives Matter Twitter site. I have received magazines and letters from TBN and Oprah Winfrey. I guess I need to express my view points but I would like to first begin with this statement: Try to walk in somebody's shoes to understand their point of view:          I would like to ask a question to all these media superstars my family seemed to always had to perform Military service being called up(drafted) World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam while others got out of required military service.          I would like to begin by taking you back to 1974-1975. My Dad was in the U.S. Navy and he came home from a year at sea December 1974. In April 1975, saigon fell and the war ended along with this many stores closed down in North Charleston, South Carolina. My dad asked for a transfer to Cleveland Ohio to finish his Navy career 1956- 1976. The times in South Carolina were tough with m

Cyber Squatting on Barry Equality Field Equation

                                      Cyber Squatting on Barry Equality Field Equation          Today is 08/23/2020. I would like to discuss cyber squatting on my youtube channel and website relating to the Barry  Equality Field Equation.          I have observed the past few years that when I pull the youtube channel for the Barry Equality Field Equation under the link  and than choosing a video I produced off on the side is Einstein's Theory of Relativity, along with M.I.T. In another instance when I complete a google search I find Harvard trying it's best also to promote their work on my website or youtube channel. This is called cyber squatting and attempting to coerce people to leave the youtube channel and search results that also do the same thing.        The Barry Equality Field equation is based on Intelligent Design-God and it uses Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics to provide evidence that the Equation

Twitter and Cyber Security

                                                             Twitter and Cyber Security                            Today is 08/22/2020. I would like to talk about twitter and VPN. I have tested twitter and found that it does not like VPN Virtual Private Network when you use different servers from different EU based countries examples Greece, Poland, France, and United Kingdom. VPN's allow a encrypted tunnel to prevent unwanted spying. I used this on Chromium and Firefox and twitter would ask to verify passwords and demand the password  changed, also sometimes they would send you a code to your email and you would copy and past it into the form. I would challenge Twitters verification with my own verification replying to twitter with my public key and I received robotic responses which makes Twitter suspect in security. If twitter follows the TCP/IP or 7 stack layer OSI communication than they would know that this is a two way agreement of protocol types, challenge, and handshake.