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Crouse Web Hosting

                                                                       Crouse Web hosting              I have created a turnkey web hosting business named crousewebhosting  and have promoted this turnkey business about two - three months on Social Media, Traffic Exchanges, car bumper stickers.                 I have registered this business and bought a server Dell T 310 which was rebuilt and refurbished using Linux complete with Raid Disk. This site is also located on linkedin Crouse webhosting .               I bought a fully qualified domain name for this business so that I can participate fully in the New Digital Economy.  The site sells web hosting and domain names basically at a discounted price it offers SSL Certificates as well.             This was a way to work during the Coronavirus issues and it kept me on my toes. I have also linked Crouse webhosting to another one of my domains                           07/29/2020             Barry L. C