Thoughts on Stand alone servers and Certificate development



                      Today is 09/10/2023, I would like to provide some information on Communication protocols and Certificate Development for stand alone servers new developments.



                        I will begin by stating last week I attempted to use a software program that I have used for the past 10 years. The software allows you to build certificates that are RSA-Linear, EC-Curvature. I attempted to build certificates and yesterday on 09/09/2023 The data base and certificates were gone disappeared. I than looked into my software repository and found some additional components I could use to add to the software for certificates.


                        I built the following RSA 16384 bits linear exported to both PEM and PKCS 12 format and the Curvature EC at 512 bits in my folders and browser. I was pleasantly surprised because using the software there was never any 512 bit communication protocol used it only maxed out in the low 400 bit range. The reason this is important is because one to two months ago I proposed a 362 bit ECC see " under Barrys 7D-150 Cryptographic Model" that utilized 512 bit Curvature protocol and now in the software data base it now has listed 512 bits at 65536 my proposal was 512 bits at 131072 bits. What this means is communication protocols and certificates are being upgraded after a number of years. I pushed this and promoted my work using 512 bits on Social media so this would be a good example of social media influencing.  This was a pleasant surprise finding out after 1 week that it is now happening.

                       I realize that the above listed certificates RSA 16384 and EC 512 is out of the norm and in reality not very many company's and corporations could use this but hopefully one day the manufacturing and technology could use this on autos, airplanes medical devices, space equipment etc..

                       I realize many company's and organizations are going to be angry and upset with new cryptographic systems being developed but using a 2048 bit RSA certificate has reached the end of it's shelf life 10 plus years and time to move on to better and bigger things.

                       I do not know if this was by divine help or not but I will give the Lord praise for what has just happened.


Barry L. Crouse



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