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                      Today is 09/08/2023. I would like to provide my thoughts on being a Ph.d. 


                       I would like to begin by stating I became a Ph.d in 2008 in Computer Information Systems based on Private and Public Work Experience, Copyrights, Certifications in Novell and Cisco, Diplomas in Computer Aided Design, Web site design, Computer Repair. My work experience in greater detail reveals that I started formally working at Ernst & Whinney back in 1984 as a Coop student at Cleveland State and finished in 1999 as a IT Consultant. I have since than  worked independently and have no desire to work for somebody else do to constraints in regards to creativity and innovation which I feel most Government and Corporations lacking too overly structured. If you notice my Published and Copyrighted work in Science and Technology it deals with Internal Mechanics in layman's term nuts and bolts of systems it does not deal with the exterior a good example is the Cryptographic Models I have developed.

                     My feelings about a Ph.d is that people who attempt to become one should have a broad range of experience and education because it provides as Cleveland State once said "A well rounded education." I do not feel a candidate should be given a Ph.d based solely on all the years they have spent in the class room with no Public or Private Education. A Ph.d should have the ability or demonstrate this by having creative and innovative solutions based on the criteria I have talked about above.

                    I have never brought this up but because my son had Autism he had to be self schooled so I basically acted like a private teacher because the state I lived in had very few resources for kids with Autism. This also provided additional work experience that was never recognized or appreciated. 

                    As stated in previous post, I am looking forward to making the career transition to Social Media Influencer adding to my value as a Ph.d who is in their early 60's. I do not seek working with State Employers whether Public or Private that does not recognize my contributions in Innovation and Creativity and only wants to place constraints and restrictions that only leads to more frustrations.

                   A Ph.d is much like a CPU it is the brains of a system to diminish the value of a Ph.d by setting one set of standards only degrades the Country as a whole named "Brain Drain" but at a state level.


Barry Lee Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems


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