August-September Newsletter 2023



                Today on 09/06/2023, I am writing a newsletter. I recently completed my 118th and 119th copyright. The 118th copyright is a Cryptographic Model using a seven dimensional object with 8 nodes, also in this work is the further development of the Theory of Non Singularity using The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation and M string theory at the 8th Dimension.  This is a complex work and required a lot of attention to detail. 

                The next is the 119th copyright and once again using a seven dimensional object to further improve the Cryptographic Model I have designed. I have also further developed the The Theory of Non Singularity using the Barry Equality Field Equation and M string Theory at the 7th dimension. The Non Singularity model at this level included 1 area of void space and I was able to reach 34 trillionth of a second using the model I designed. 

                Both of these model, had the architecture extended above 65000 bits this allowed for the new ECC method curvature encryption and the process to be developed into patentable material. Both of these works, can be located at the link below:


                I have updated the Barry Equality Field Equation website and now includes a Google custom search engine. 

                On Social Media, I looked at the numbers and it appears to be steadily increasing with new material posted on facebook, instagram, and Pinterest. I should note the Barry Equality facebook page is almost at 10,000 followers so that is a good thing as it is picking up some traction world wide. The link is below for the Barry Equality Facebook page.


                I cannot say enough about Instagram as this to has reached over 400,000 followers but the goal is still 1 million followers and a lot of football to be played. 

                I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support as I am making the transition to Social Media Influencer. This takes time as I am having to learn more about soft skills communication. 


Barry L. Crouse


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