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Thoughts on Stand alone servers and Certificate development

                          Today is 09/10/2023, I would like to provide some information on Communication protocols and Certificate Development for stand alone servers new developments.                             I will begin by stating last week I attempted to use a software program that I have used for the past 10 years. The software allows you to build certificates that are RSA-Linear, EC-Curvature. I attempted to build certificates and yesterday on 09/09/2023 The data base and certificates were gone disappeared. I than looked into my software repository and found some additional components I could use to add to the software for certificates.                           I built the following RSA 16384 bits linear exported to both PEM and PKCS 12 format and the Curvature EC at 512 bits in my folders and browser. I was pleasantly surprised because using the software there was never any 512 bit communication protocol used it only maxed out in the low 400 bit range. The reason this is imp

Thoughts on being a Ph.d-Barry Lee Crouse

                          Today is 09/08/2023. I would like to provide my thoughts on being a Ph.d.                           I would like to begin by stating I became a Ph.d in 2008 in Computer Information Systems based on Private and Public Work Experience, Copyrights, Certifications in Novell and Cisco, Diplomas in Computer Aided Design, Web site design, Computer Repair. My work experience in greater detail reveals that I started formally working at Ernst & Whinney back in 1984 as a Coop student at Cleveland State and finished in 1999 as a IT Consultant. I have since than  worked independently and have no desire to work for somebody else do to constraints in regards to creativity and innovation which I feel most Government and Corporations lacking too overly structured. If you notice my Published and Copyrighted work in Science and Technology it deals with Internal Mechanics in layman's term nuts and bolts of systems it does not deal with the exterior a good example is the C

August-September Newsletter 2023

                    Today on 09/06/2023, I am writing a newsletter. I recently completed my 118th and 119th copyright. The 118th copyright is a Cryptographic Model using a seven dimensional object with 8 nodes, also in this work is the further development of the Theory of Non Singularity using The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation and M string theory at the 8th Dimension.  This is a complex work and required a lot of attention to detail.                     The next is the 119th copyright and once again using a seven dimensional object to further improve the Cryptographic Model I have designed. I have also further developed the The Theory of Non Singularity using the Barry Equality Field Equation and M string Theory at the 7th dimension. The Non Singularity model at this level included 1 area of void space and I was able to reach 34 trillionth of a second using the model I designed.                  Both of these model, had the architecture extended above 65000 bits this allowed f