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                              Thoughts on Social Media Influencer/Celebrity



        Yesterday on 07/24/2023, My wife brought home a interesting magazine it was in Men's Health and a article discussing Social Media Influencer. The article talked about some well known celebrity's making the transition basically a career change. I also watched on youtube channel from Ivy League schools appearing to be going away from Einstein's Theory of Relativity Space/Time which means The Barry Equality Field Equation is starting to take hold which is great news for me because the equation is starting to "Influence" bring to light 21st century thinking. I spent 10 plus years in developing the equation so now it is starting to payoff. I also wrote another Equation named The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation and very soon I will be presenting some thought provoking ideas in my next copyright.

         I feel the same way about making a career change after writing about Science and Technology for 20 plus years and working in the Computer Field for 20 years hint total 40 plus years. One of the points that should be recognized is in order to stay "Relevant" on major Social Media Platforms is to have a market niche or what are the things you specialize at. In my case, it is Science and Technology along with Martial Arts. When you attempt to become a Social Media Influencer/Celebrity, some of the issues are What value can you give a Social Media Platform ? In other words what are you good at ?


           As I am going through my new journey, Some people have attempted to discourage me with making connections with well known people some of the psychological warfare is laying guilt trips on people for attempting to make a dream become reality such as the Barry Equality Field equation now taking hold and soon Barry Infinity Equality Field equation is now becoming a reality. Of course there are other tactics being used. I have stated my goals are to obtain One million followers on Instagram presently at four hundred thousand, Ten Thousand on my facebook page at seven thousand two hundred  and somewhere between five and ten thousand on pinterest. I understand the message yesterday when I talked to a famous celebrity about the importance of having confidence in oneself and I will continue to connect with famous people so that I can obtain the goals I have set for myself. I still would like to do Industrial Design Patents to bring fresh new content to fruition. The career change means more work on Social Media Platforms and less copyrights so that will be my career transition.


                I have also made it known to others that my path to becoming successful is not easy and facing many obstacles and barriers with some anger and malice added into this. The people who harbor ill will must understand that I spent many years in my Market Niche and if you want to become a social media Influencer/Celebrity you will also have to get good at something to offer audiences. In other words prepare to spend some time in your field. I feel change is good and allows for professional growth.





Barry L. Crouse


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