Thoughts on being a Martial Arts Master in my own style



                 Today is 07/09/2023, I would like to talk about my own martial Arts style and thoughts about receiving a 4th Dan Certificate for this.


               I have been receiving some posts about what does it take to be a Martial Arts Master which is generally recognized a 4th Dan. My martial arts journey began in 1981 and I was able to receive a 3rd degree blackbelt in Tae-Kwon-Do in 1999. While studying Tae-Kwon-Do, I also received training in Hapkido, Aikido and a little Judo. After 1999, I went free style because I saw a fight between a 7th Dan Korean Black Belt verse a Muay Thai Fighter. I recognized the limitations of Tae-Kwon-Do because the leg attacks were devastating. I knew how to kick the leg inside and outside and learned to check the leg attack along with usage of knees and elbows which in turn offered a way when you are fighting close inside but at the same time I also recognized the ability to use distance Tae-Kwon-Do kicks. The bility to control distance in Combat Martial Arts is critical at the same time when a adversary does not know what you are going to use punches, elbows, knees and kicks this creates confusion which is good for you because there is nothing worse than having to guess a attack. I added onto my skill set by adding some Western Style boxing single slips, angled upper cuts from kicks using boxing combinations example using a jab to setup a left hook to the body. I also learned how to move from side to side. and while moving back countering attacks through reverse punches hint Sugar Ray Robinson/Chuck Liddel.

               The system I created works for me because I am a left unorthodox fighter using a lot of lead lefts creating the shortest distance between a object. I had a injury a long time ago while running the 100 yard dash and pulled my right hip out of my socket so this caused me to keep the right hip on the back end. I do not have any fears about throwing right kicks because I use a right instep crescent kick that has devastating power along with a low right low front snap kick. The left side lead kicks include knees, high/low front snap kick, crescent kick outstep, side kick(lead) street roundhouse from the rear leg when switching stances, Backstep side kick, left spinning hook kick. I have practice these kicks with my boxing combos roughly 20 plus years. My style suits my ideas about having good power, speed, and accuracy not great but good. A good example I can throw 5 punches in a split second this is good but not great. I do not use fancy flying kicks either because that is to slow and a adversary would be given enough time to counter.


               I think my style could be promoted and validated by a independent martial arts system because I practice my style openly meaning people or company's probably had cameras spying on my style or watching this is also confirmed by my wife who notices who is watching me so this tends to lead to being a pretty legit 4th degree. I would be open to this idea. The last Black belt test I took was in 1999 and have worked on my own style after the test.

Barry L. Crouse



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