Thoughts on 116th Copyright -Barry Crouse



                 On 07/02/2023, I was approved for my 116th Copyright. The work was named " Barrys SS-130 5d- Cryptographic Model". The project served a dual purpose.


                  The first point is that it took a five dimensional Pyramid and created a network topology design and than created a patentable communication protocol using a new method or process.


                The second point is that it took the Barry Infinity Equality Field equation using the 9th dimension Math Equation creating and applying a application using  color spectrum's Assymetrical  energy and a Data string path to join two different sets of Energy in this case Orange and Yellow.

             I researched the five dimensional object and found that this has not been explored using a geometric shape to create this type of usage. 

             I originally had a vision of a five dimensional object and the Network Topology Design but after working with it and going along, I was able to create a 252 +4 bit communication protocol meaning this could be used as a standalone or making it compatible  with the 256 bit protocol. On the Barry Infinity Equality Field equation, I was also surprised by taking two different color spectrum's energy and able to use a data string path to join two dissimilar energy systems. This application used takes a theory and creates a practical application for the equation I used. 

              Some people do not believe in visions however, I do because sometime's God plants ideas in our heads and working with the vision I had in my mind this came as a surprise that these ideas became a reality by writing about it with some new and interesting concepts.

               The copyrighted work can be found below:




Barry L. Crouse 






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