Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation


              Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation.



              I recently came across a 9th Dimension Hypercube The image is below





               The 9th Dimension hypercube has 4 areas of space that can be accessed Internally and Externally. This type of hypercube has a infinite type of polytypes and is a 9-orthoplex. The common denominators for the Barry Equality Field Equation and or Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation are the following:

              1). The Barry Equality Field Equation is represented by 4 areas of                                 space q1-q4.

               2). The points on the Enneract look like they can represent node points and maybe used to represent a Quantum mechanic model.

              2). The Barry Infinity Equality Field equation uses the equation below:  pages 9-10 


              The difference between wikipedia is it uses a plus or minus while I use expansion or contraction and disjointed systems E1 and E2. I do think we have some subtle differences but it basically follows areas of space and infinity.      


             If you observe a little closer in the very inner shell a cross is formed with a circle almost but not quiet a Gaelic Cross subtle pattern also no lines hit in the very inner square showing a gateway to the 10th dimension hint no singularity or end point. On another observation, The inner circles or shells are very shaded but as you go outward there is more light less shading ?? . 


             I can only speculate but the Enneract and the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation 9th dimension share a lot of common fabric hint look inside very inner shell in the Enneract. The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation is a Intelligent Design Equation-God and the bible talks about Jesus on the cross dying for our sins so that we can be saved new testament. 


             I can also only speculate that perhaps the Celtic race had earlier knowledge of God than was thought. 


            On another note, I am glad my race is remembered in the Guttenberg Project-Jacobites because the first bible was printed by the Guttenberg press as well.


Barry L. Crouse 






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