Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes-Quanta Magazine My thoughts on the article



                 On 06/26/2023 early in the morning, I found a article entitled "Mathematicians find an infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes" -Quanta Magazine.





                  I have read the article and it appears that my work is/was being referenced regarding Higher Dimensions. The article written tries and makes attempts to preserve Einstein's and Hawkins work. The issues with Einstein's Theory of Relativity has been proven incorrect because Sub atomic particles exceeded the speed of light and passed through our matter the equation Einstein used  did not address the issues with sub atomic particles and in fact when Erwin Schroedinger asked about this issue to Einstein he basically refused to address it. The Barry Equality Field Equation did address this by including sub atomic particles along with multiple paths taken. Einstein did not address this as well. 

                 On Stephen Hawkins issue, "Singulairty" reaching a end point in a black hole proved to also be incorrect because Quanta Magazine made "Tacit admissions" regarding Event Horizon's meaning multiple events that go into higher dimensions by printing this article you are basically saying I am correct because of your statements about "Infinity in black holes" thus Stephen Hawkins Singularity has been shown incorrect as well. "The black hole donut " another reference to the Barry Equality Field Equation that uses a donut shape.

                  Quanta Magazine a secular outlet must accept the fact that your scientist are trying their very best to preserve Einstein and Hawkins theory's but only to find that as you go in higher dimensions space and time become irrelevant thus the equations you used in the past will not work and so the Theory of Relativity and the Big Bang Theory have went past it's shelf life no good. The better approach to the problem is the Theory of Non Relativity based on Energy is Assymterical check out the color spectrum that you have swept under the rug for a number of years hint energy is dynamic. You cannot use one equation that fits all as you go up in higher dimensions that is foolish. When I wrote the Barry Equality Field Equation, the equation used sub atomic particles level 5. I was able to extend the Barry Equality Field equation through M String Theory unifying it something that you could not do or refused and I had to write a level 6 Quantum Mechanic equation that you also refused to do and now all of a sudden you are interested. The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation took on Stephen Hawkins "Singularity" and shown that there is no end point when dealing with Infinite and higher dimensions. The only conclusion we can draw is that Intelligent Design-God created the universe and higher dimensions  saying everything suddenly appeared out of no where and claiming this as science is foolish as well and cannot be taken seriously because "Energy cannot be created or destroyed" - Sir Issac Newton. The work that you referenced is on the websites below:


                 Barry Equality Field equation website


                 Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation website


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