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Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes-Quanta Magazine My thoughts on the article

                        On 06/26/2023 early in the morning, I found a article entitled "Mathematicians find an infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes" -Quanta Magazine.                                                  I have read the article and it appears that my work is/was being referenced regarding Higher Dimensions. The article written tries and makes attempts to preserve Einstein's and Hawkins work. The issues with Einstein's Theory of Relativity has been proven incorrect because Sub atomic particles exceeded the speed of light and passed through our matter the equation Einstein used  did not address the issues with sub atomic particles and in fact when Erwin Schroedinger asked about this issue to Einstein he basically refused to address it. The Barry Equality Field Equation did address this by including sub atomic particles along with multiple paths t

Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation

                 Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation.                   I recently came across a 9th Dimension Hypercube The image is below                              The 9th Dimension hypercube has 4 areas of space that can be accessed Internally and Externally. This type of hypercube has a infinite type of polytypes and is a 9-orthoplex. The common denominators for the Barry Equality Field Equation and or Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation are the following:               1). The Barry Equality Field Equation is represented by 4 areas of                                      space q1-q4.                2). The points on the Enneract look like they can represent node points and maybe used to represent a Quantum mechanic model.               2). The Barry Infinity Equality Field equation uses the equation below:

Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter June 2023

                               Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter June 2023          I am providing a technological news letter  for June 2023. I have republished my Cryptographic Models on Search with Barry ! for some reason they were not visible on Barrys Scientific Based Products website. I can only speculate and I went over one one named Crypt Model for SS87-89 Motherboard Design. The work was written 2018 and I noticed that it contain a math equation that began the Theory of Non Relativity chapter 4. The Equation and principles laid the foundations for more advanced complex and critical thinking and was a counter to Stephen Hawkins/Einstein theory's. This looks like it was suppressed for a long time without anybody's knowledge. The link to view the Cryptographic Models are below:                 I have recently published my new CPU design 1152 bit CPU this design uses a unique hashing and file scheme that wor