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                                        Thoughts on "Top Contributors"



            Today is 05/12/2023. I would like to discuss today about people who claim to be a Top Contributor and shown to not have any knowledge regarding the topic.

            I was out on my facebook page and the Linux group had a top contributor who apparently decided that Networking fundamentals are not needed as a Linux expert. This raised my eye brows somewhat because most operating systems Linux, Unix, IBM, Microsoft have Networking components tied into the operating system itself. The expert disregarded the OSI 7 stack layer and demonstrated no knowledge of Networking fundamentals. The expert relied totally on VPN without understanding the lower levels of the Network stack protocols and what was needed to reach the application layer. The reason I bring this up is when you use a wired connection you can secure the frame 2nd layer above the physical layer using 802.1x this authenticates the connection in addition using Certificates to secure the connection depending on what method you use examples are pap, chap, md5, tls, peap.  I do not blame the contributor because the school who taught this to the person showed a high degree of arrogance which made the person to look foolish and is a reflection of the school where the person was taught. The educator who taught this must not have known anything about Networking fundamentals. If schools are going to offer cyber security than they should teach their students Networking Fundamentals that are important for Network administrators and the security of the server itself. If you are going to handle people's data and personal information, Than you should have a high degree of knowledge in this topic. I do not wish to sound condescending but it has to be addressed. The cyber security schools need to teach IPv4/IPV6 -autonomous networks, Linear and Curvature encryption techniques, Public and Private Networks differences and when to deploy them building your own certificates also using 3rd party verification. 

        On another note, I do not like the idea of using text as a means of verification because it uses plain text anybody can read it not a secure method. I use proton mail and created a RSA 4096 bit key to secure my email (better security method). I have also notice proton no longer uses RSA 2048 bits because the 2048 certificate has went past it's life cycle. Some companies may not be able to use 4096 for whatever reason but they should goto RSA 3072 bits as a minimum benchmark. 

         If you are a Linux user, you can use the Gnomint to create PEM and PKCS 12 files to be placed in your browser in fact I myself created a 8192 bit RSA certificate off this application and placed it in a CA and PKCS 12 with my browser. The most I used was a 32768 bit RSA certificate so in essence there is a lot of room for improvement in Network security. I myself do not wish go into this field again because I would like to move onto promoting my Math equations namely the Barry Equality Field Equation and the Barry infinity Equality Field Equation using M string theory. I would also like to continue in social media influencing because of learning soft skills that are needed. I started in the Computer field in 1982 Watfive Fortran first class formally worked in 1984 using IBM 34/36 in a coop position so making progress is important to me just for some people's information.


Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information systems


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