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Barrys Scientific Based Products Bios ver 1.4


Product and News Information 05/2023

                                          Product and News Information 05/2023             Today is 05/24/2023. I am providing a update on my Products. I have recently completed Bios Version 1.5. The Bios chip design basically is optimized from 576 bits to 648 Bits. The Design introduces in the Bios screen a tunneling menu item also the design produces 88,000 plus bits verses the standard 65536 on a PC or server link below:                 I have begun work on a new CPU Design that optimizes the CPU 904 bit architecture this includes a new file and hashing algorithm. The file and hashing algorithm is compatible with IPV6 when loading files on the Internet. I have recently read about IPV9 that uses 2048 bits probably a little down the road because North America has been slow on the adaptation of IPV6.           Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation is now a service mark of Barry L. Crouse registered in Idaho.            My Instagra

Thoughts on "Top Contributors"

                                                  Thoughts on "Top Contributors"                 Today is 05/12/2023. I would like to discuss today about people who claim to be a Top Contributor and shown to not have any knowledge regarding the topic.             I was out on my facebook page and the Linux group had a top contributor who apparently decided that Networking fundamentals are not needed as a Linux expert. This raised my eye brows somewhat because most operating systems Linux, Unix, IBM, Microsoft have Networking components tied into the operating system itself. The expert disregarded the OSI 7 stack layer and demonstrated no knowledge of Networking fundamentals. The expert relied totally on VPN without understanding the lower levels of the Network stack protocols and what was needed to reach the application layer. The reason I bring this up is when you use a wired connection you can secure the frame 2nd layer above the physical layer using 802.1x this authenticat