Thoughts on being a social media Influencer



                I have been asked about my future plans which entails many things. As far as Social Media, I found out that I was given a Celebrity Status Media Influencer and I am grateful for this opportunity. I thank God for this also Facebook and Instagram for making this happen and the people who follow and support my work in the field of science and technology after 20 plus years of writing copyrights and Registering trademarks, and Now doing Industrial Design Patents. I have my sights on One million Instagram Followers a long way to go but I am making progress reaching presently around 140,000 followers. I would like to make 10,000 followers for my facebook page Barry Equality Field Equation and yes I have to work on promoting Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation at some point and the idea of trademarking my own name if possible. I do not wish to engage in politics because presently I am receiving many external forces to give my point of view. The problem with this is Some people cannot face people who have a different view point coupled with my personality traits Sigma Male it would not be a good fit for this. In other fields, example health and Kickboxing I excel at this. 

                  I also understand that getting to be a social media Influencer means you are going to face some people who have jealous and anger issues. I have encountered this stalking, online harassment but God prepared me for this through my life experiences. People need to understand fame and success does not happen overnight it takes years and years of work in my case 20 years. The point is if you want to excel in being a recognized Internet celebrity than what is your niche what can you bring to the table  besides a body ? are you willing to work at this almost everyday. The keys to what I use is discipline and creativity in the martial arts I am always looking to improve my techniques the same holds for Science and technology refining my processes, techniques, and methods this opens the door for creativity. I also understand that in my local community some people have anger issues and I wish these agencys would have a talk with these people that success does not happen overnight and if you are not willing to put in the work do not expect success. Some people have had to wait a long time for their day sometimes 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years to finally arrive. Some people have instant success and that is okay too but when you put in the work you should reap the benefits the bottom line.


             I will continue to improve on my social media accounts and try to improve in certain areas that I can do better but it will not happen all out once. I do not rest on past laurels this is to me a good attitude. I hope those with anger issues look at themselves in the mirror real good. 

Barry L. Crouse



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