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                        Barrys Scientific Based Products New ROM Chip Update

            I have not written a blog post in about one month because of developing my new Rom Chip Design. The design in the initial stage began at 32 pins, next was 48 Pins and the one that is published 64 pin. I will be publishing the 128 Pin Bios in the next few weeks. 

            The new chip has some features that are Unique that have not been seen namely a Ring Network Topology Design that is used for encryption. The next one is the Menu Screen also offers encryption along with different devices that offers this service as well. The 64 pin and the soon to be released 128 pin Bios has a new set of equations that are used as a method or process that is very state of the art material hint patent. The Equations have been tested twice and is shown to be valid.  The published work is located on

           The 128 Pin Bios will be the final release for the low end to middle grade servers that work with the CPU's I have designed 128,256, and 384. I will be working on the higher grade servers in the near future.

           I have recently posted some new material on my social media accounts located on the following below:




         I would like to build a large following on these accounts also I have recently signed up for a new social media account located at

         I do not know if I can make any gains on facebook making little headway. I have finished the updates for this month.


Barry L. Crouse



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