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Thoughts on being a social media Influencer

                    I have been asked about my future plans which entails many things. As far as Social Media, I found out that I was given a Celebrity Status Media Influencer and I am grateful for this opportunity. I thank God for this also Facebook and Instagram for making this happen and the people who follow and support my work in the field of science and technology after 20 plus years of writing copyrights and Registering trademarks, and Now doing Industrial Design Patents. I have my sights on One million Instagram Followers a long way to go but I am making progress reaching presently around 140,000 followers. I would like to make 10,000 followers for my facebook page Barry Equality Field Equation and yes I have to work on promoting Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation at some point and the idea of trademarking my own name if possible. I do not wish to engage in politics because presently I am receiving many external forces to give my point of view. The problem with this is Some

Thoughts on IRS Tax Season

                                                                            Thoughts on IRS Tax Season                  Today is 03/28/2023. I would like to provide my thoughts on the IRS Tax Season.                As some of you know or might not know, fiscal year begins in October before January of the new year. I had many kinds of Electronic Communication issues starting with my VOIP it would be disconnected and than connected also calling up tech support and waiting two hours for troubleshooting and than recommending you go out and buy a new device and still not work. Email despite using OPENDNS content filtering, and other protection related software malaware, Virus, etc. I still encountered email that would bypass my security controls. The certificates for my email was upgraded to RSA 4096 and it has worked to some degree way better than RSA 2048 with end to end encryption but it is not full proof either. I have had to watch my router and noticed many IP Packet flood attacks in c

Barrys Scientific Based Products -Product announcement March 2023

                                        Product announcements March 2023        Today is 03/19/2023. I wanted to announce that I have applied for a Industrial Design Patent in Canada. The Industrial Design Patent is pending.  The photo is above used on the finished product Barrys scientific Based Products.            In other news, I have completed my 111th copyright finishing off the low to middle range server with the 128 Pin Bios Chip Design. The method and process has been tested twice on 64 and 128 pins and presents a new method or process of Encryption. The menu screen for the Bios chip has been enhanced including a 16384 Bit Bios Screen along with a Date Encryption method attached to the copyright.    I wanted to thank Proton mail because 2048 bit encryption keys are no longer any good so I happily generated a RSA 4096 bit key promoting privacy and security I could have used the ECC method and make it even harder but having software manufactures having to beef up the Internet