In response to "President Joe Biden" letter sent received on 01/25/2022




        My wife yesterday received a letter from "President Joe Biden" whether the letter is from him or not it does not matter possibly mail fraud. The letter was from the Democratic National Committee how my wife got on this list I do not know and do not care. The letter stated "This nation is worth fighting for and I am not giving up".  The problem with this letter is the country in general gave up on us a long time ago. You can hide behind different groups but that does not solve any issues that have been festering for a very long time.



        When I brought my wife into this country from the former Soviet Union-Russia, I had a very complicated process in bringing her over here. I even had to contact a Senator in Cleveland to help me out. This was back in the late 90's.. I won and succeeded but the cost was my career in Computers and my family so I made my sacrifice unknown to me but now becomes more clear because Former President Ronald Reagon made promises that could not be kept one of those promises was "If you seek prosperity come here and open this gate". Russia  opened the gate under your promises that could not be kept years later. As a result during our roughly 25 years here in America Prosperity could never be obtained or reached. This was a empty promise and back in 1991 you made a promise not to expand Nato eastward this was also a empty promise as well. We did not have high expectations either.

         When we went back to Russia several times, We often debated on whether we should return to the US and we did because we had faith in you but you on the other hand acted with disdain and hate. When we applied for Government based housing not section 8 but FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac over the past 15 plus years you found many different ways not to do this or unable to do it. Another bone of contention, is the Credit Bureaus and their misuse of Information. I have managed my wife's bills by making sure they are/were paid on time and every time the past 19 years including Utility Bills, Rent, Credit card bills and you still gave her low credit scores milking us for higher payments which ties into debt to income ratio. The rent would go up every year and could not keep up with the wages since loan officers made it a point to include rent as part of the debt. I am disappointed at the Credit Bureau for engaging in lending discrimination practices. On other points, Property damage was done to our vehicles this included Pipe Bombs, Sugar, Acid, flour placed in our gas tank, Radiator Hose cut on our Dodge Journey hint spent 3,000-4,000 last year in repairs, Mechanics who would not repair our car properly and not honor their warranty's.  As far as medical, My wife's mother spent four months in a hospital and she died because of Neglect in a hospital bed sores level 4 that were treatable. When she died Anna Kalenteva, my wife asked for emergency assistance before 7 minutes they did nothing and walked off. When my wife asked me to come up I noticed no trachea tube to the throat, no heart difibulator, and no liquid discharge from the body meaning dehydration which shows "Cruel and unusual punishment". I think there is nothing you can say or do that will convince us of anything else anymore. We have drawn our conclusions about you and your system not mine your system.

          In conclusion, Mr. President I am very disappointed at the treatment Ivan Poporov has received. Former Presidents would give the Soviet Union a hard time about Freedom in general democracy and so he exercises his rights in the United States only to be trampled on.   





Barry/Irina Crouse



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