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In response to "President Joe Biden" letter sent received on 01/25/2022

               My wife yesterday received a letter from "President Joe Biden" whether the letter is from him or not it does not matter possibly mail fraud. The letter was from the Democratic National Committee how my wife got on this list I do not know and do not care. The letter stated "This nation is worth fighting for and I am not giving up".  The problem with this letter is the country in general gave up on us a long time ago. You can hide behind different groups but that does not solve any issues that have been festering for a very long time.             When I brought my wife into this country from the former Soviet Union-Russia, I had a very complicated process in bringing her over here. I even had to contact a Senator in Cleveland to help me out. This was back in the late 90's.. I won and succeeded but the cost was my career in Computers and my family so I made my sacrifice unknown to me but now becomes more clear because Former President Ronald Reagon m