Barrys Scientific Based Products Decenber 12/2022 News letter



        Today is 12/14/2022. I am providing a update or newsletter on what I have been doing.


         1). I have upgraded my hardware infrastructure new server and cable modem along with my hosting package to allow Search with Barry ! for allowance of a search engine bar. My old hosting package would not allow me to do this now with my upgraded hosting package the search engine bar can now be seen visually the website is located at

          2). I recently had to configure my new cable modem with my DDNS provider and found that trustcor a Certificate of Authority who issues SSL Certificates was missing do to it's questionable practices.  I went to another DDNS provider and received a third party signer for free certifying Search with Barry !. This is a fully valid certificate. I downloaded this and imported into my Certificate Data Base and created a 3072 RSA Certificate fully valid as a CA into Mozilla Firefox accepted. My thoughts on this is it has been well known that 2048 bit certificates have been known to have some questionable security issues the past 10 years. I have always pushed for a 3072 RSA bit certificate. This should not be to hard to complete because I spent one hour creating a 32768 bit RSA certificate and exported this into a pkcs12 file hint key generation took forever. The process for a 3072 bit RSA should not be that long and cumbersome. I also like curvature based certificates and creating a linear and circular based certificate in a chain type setting. My old DDNS provider found a work around for the issues that trustcor created so hopefully I will complete this process as well.



         3). I have recently worked on the Search with Barry ! -google custom search engine and it's internal components generally  Json:api . I am hoping the reconfiguration will work this time along with the google promotion. Next year, I intend on having more of a presence with Search with Barry !  making organizations aware of it's existence.

         4). The Barry Equality Field Equation website was missing some important copyrights for some reason. I have restored the 44 Node point Network Topology copyright showing The Barry Equality Field Equation was balanced in November 2018. I reviewed the work and found 3-4 pages of math tied into this hard to believe after 4 years this was written. The Barry Equality Field Equation is valid. I am requesting Public Education institutions that if you do not accept the work than please try to respect the copyright and trademark by respecting the boundry hint not making one's work vanish because most of the copyrights are based in Canada not the United States along with the trademark you have no legal claims or rights to this. The equation is based on Intelligent Design God and if you do not accept this that is fine but you must respect the property of the owner that is a fundamental tenant. If you do not accept Intelligent design, than respect the boundry as it is in the Martial Arts teacher bows to student and student bows to teacher this is called mutual respect it is a principal and a application to you.


            Thank you for viewing this  article !


Barry L. Crouse



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