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Barrys Scientific Based Products Decenber 12/2022 News letter

             Today is 12/14/2022. I am providing a update or newsletter on what I have been doing.            1). I have upgraded my hardware infrastructure new server and cable modem along with my hosting package to allow Search with Barry ! for allowance of a search engine bar. My old hosting package would not allow me to do this now with my upgraded hosting package the search engine bar can now be seen visually the website is located at           2). I recently had to configure my new cable modem with my DDNS provider and found that trustcor a Certificate of Authority who issues SSL Certificates was missing do to it's questionable practices.  I went to another DDNS provider and received a third party signer for free certifying Search with Barry !. This is a fully valid certificate. I downloaded this and imported into my Certificate Data Base and created a 3072 RSA Certificate fully valid as a CA into Mozilla Firefox accepted. My thoughts on this i