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                            Thoughts on Intelligent Design


                                        Barry L. Crouse

                Today is 11/14/2022, I would like to talk about Intelligent Design in relations to Public Institutions specifically Google, Wikipedia, Quroa, and Public Education. I will begin by stating as I typed in google search “Barry Crouse Intelligent Design” I found all kinds of sarcastic public notices messages, essays, votes, etc.. I will address this.

            The "Barry Equality Field Equation" is based on actual sciences not based on theory's that have been around for over 150 years and cannot be proven for example sub atomic particles were tested in Cern in Switzerland and were found to exceed the speed of light so in essence Einstein’s theory of relativity claiming a constant with the speed of light is null and void because energy is dynamic and asymmetrical. The Barry Equality Field Equation has taken into account these proven scientific proven facts.

            I recently read a article about a star being born in a black hole when Stephen Hawkins claimed singularity null and void look up the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation it takes into account multiple events with no point of origin hint Big Bang Theory (No good).

            If google, Wikipedia, Public Institutions, along with some churches wish to preach Monkey Sciences that is your right freedom of speech but it is not your right to come over to Intelligent Design based websites and engage in insulting behaviour. If public Education wishes to teach Monkey Sciences, it is your right but it is not your right to come over to my websites example Laurence Krauss and engage in insulting behaviour because some of these organizations are funded by taxpayers meaning I am your creditor and you are the debtor Public Servant so please stay on your side of the wall. I respect your right to freedom of speech but not at my expense.

            I also understand that some churches believe we came from Monkeys Evolution this has also been shown to be incorrect because certain blood types hint O did not or were immune to Covid 19 meaning to Monkey Sciences this has been proven incorrect because the vaccine has a adeno cell derived from a monkey. The problem is if you have the blood type O you have no antigens to test, missing CCR5 gene to replicate, have both A and B antibodies, missing B protein. I would ask the Government to quit peddling monkey vaccines including Washington State on me or my family. This calls into play Intelligent Design.

            I will make one final statement. I came from God not from your Monkeys and Evolutionary sciences and my work is based on Intelligent Design-God. If you wish to evolve into a monkey, than by all means take as many Covid 19 vaccines as you like and you may digress to a monkey or have the brain of one which is becoming to be proven correct because of the behaviour displayed by the above mentioned institutions.


Barry L. Crouse



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