I have a solution for your forcing Corporate Biometric Data




        Today is 11/17/2022. I was notified yesterday on 11/16/2022 that GM car dealer and maker who services our loan will be changing procedures. They require a verification code to your email no problem here in addition to remembering device and the usage of Biometric data. I recently learned that GM applied for a trademark in Mexico that is related to this. GM has a headquarter in Texas so your Biometric data will be shipped to Mexico. I will point out the obvious issues with this and they are the following:



        1). I do not agree with sending my personal data to Mexico because of or lack of Data Protection subjecting you to identity theft. I have had issues with this in the past filing complaints in the local U.S. Federal Courts and was disregarded despite having a Notarized Apostille marriage Document certified by the Russian Consulate and in Russia itself and stamped in my wife's passport.


        2). Allowing a corporation to gain unchecked oversight to engage in questionable data practices without the consumer having full knowledge is very questionable.


        3). A mid west proverb If I wanted you in my bedroom, I would have asked you to date you have not been asked so please stop with the unauthorized access into my systems phone or computer. I have caught a lot of questionable activity's so that you understand example browsers that have hidden extensions that are used for spying and espionage.



          The following will be implemented any corporation or agency that request Biometric data and being paid to their accounts will have the transaction copied into my proton drive and will be used for law enforcement purposes to be submitted to the U.S. Ambassador in the country that regulates privacy and Data practices that he or she resides example Switzerland also if it violates the data privacy a lawful charge may be brought against the Public official and or corporation the charges may include piracy of data as well. Soverign immunity does not include these types of criminal attempts.



          In conclusion, if you want to replace someone or want them gone You should let them go elsewhere including finding another country that will uphold the rule of law and show a little more ethics and morals not greying a area of law.  I hope your tech companies do take notice of this Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc..


Barry L. Crouse




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