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Today is 07/25/2022. I would like to talk about obtaining financing in general regarding Intellectual property and my thoughts.


       As some of you know or might not know, I have been writing copyrights for roughly 20 years dealing with Science and Technology. I have begun taking some of the copyrights and developing them into Design Patents and along the way obtaining trademarks more commonly called trade dress. I have throughout the years have attempted to get some financing but basically the expenses came out of my own pocket throughout the years with little or no results. I have seen a lot of facebook ads stating Business financing for ideas and Goat tax financing. There seems to be a lot of empty promises with little or no results for individuals or small businesses. I design computer hardware components with encryption and or algorithim's. 

      I would like to submit more design patents and maybe some 1 year provisional patents but having to do a utility patent would probably end in failure because the legal system does not support small businesses and stifles innovation and new ideas these groups of people are called patent trolls. They do not understand they themselves are a security risk to the individual and country United States. If you have a business EIN most financing company's want to pull your personal credit so they can sabotage your ideas and dreams. This is based on my experience. I have asked the Credit Bureau to come to court or arbitration numerous times with very little response. The government will have to look beyond the credit bureau and basically look at payment history's of each credit account if the payment history shows a good record of paying on time every time than the credit bureau needs to be disregarded and graded as a Private company who promotes discrimination, non inclusiveness, inequality. 

     In my case, I would like to promote my CPU designs and possibly a new motherboard the SS-350. In order to facilitate this, I would need at the bare bones two Dell T 410 because it can go upto 128 gig of memory. The one would be used for online the other offline for development of new hardware or existing designs. I have a T310 that can only support 32 gig of memory but it seems to have issues when trying to write a 30 page copyright that has a motherboard design cannot handle it.

     The next issue would be discussing location. My feelings are is that in general the Tacoma area has some serious socio-economical issues including crime rates that are double the national average. The tax rates are very high as well. I have done research and found that Bellingham would be a better city for me ranked 37th in the US so it would make sense to move to a city that is less populated and has less crime. I can probably obtain a manufactured home in a park and run a turn key business from there creating a home office. I will give you a sample of my work the 128 bit CPU design it has already been copyrighted and trademarked under the WIPO. The link is below:


      If you like the work than we can move forward. 




Barry L. Crouse


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