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Thoughts on Private Public Financing and or 250k Goat Tax Financing and my proposals

                 Today is 07/25/2022. I would like to talk about obtaining financing in general regarding Intellectual property and my thoughts.          As some of you know or might not know, I have been writing copyrights for roughly 20 years dealing with Science and Technology. I have begun taking some of the copyrights and developing them into Design Patents and along the way obtaining trademarks more commonly called trade dress. I have throughout the years have attempted to get some financing but basically the expenses came out of my own pocket throughout the years with little or no results. I have seen a lot of facebook ads stating Business financing for ideas and Goat tax financing. There seems to be a lot of empty promises with little or no results for individuals or small businesses. I design computer hardware components with encryption and or algorithim's.        I would like to submit more design patents and maybe some 1 year provisional patents but having to do a utilit