Barrys Scientific Based Products June 2022 News


                                            Barrys Scientific Based Products June 2022 News

            Today is 06/25/2022. I am going to provide some thoughts on my Canadian Trademark because of receiving Cryptic Messages also some successful Server implementation.

             On 06/20/2022, I was officially approved for a Canadian Trademark for the service mark in quotes "Barrys Scientific Based Products". This came as a surprise I did not find out three days later. I know some people are not happy over this filled with negative emotions. I would like to point out how many times did I try for a National trademark in the United States at least three times and went through a lot of barriers. Barrys Scientific Based Products became a state service mark in 2011 first official use when I filed for the last time for a US Trademark around 2017 this was over 5 years in usage. When the USPTO stated I did not respond, The only option left was to file a response through the US Federal Court system and this was thrown out and dismissed. My response was disregarded. I have learned in the Martial arts when somebody or some agency hates you for really no good reason it is better to walk away from them which I did according to the way I was trained. If you are angry and upset, You must understand a basic core principle in business somebody's loss is someone's gain. I do not have any hard feeling toward the USPTO and it's questionable actions because I am also registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization or named WIPO this is called a blessing in disquise. The bottom line is I got something better.  

             I have just about completed my refurbishing of a Dell T310. The server hardware was updated to include 32 gig of memory maxed out. I learned that the Dell memory slots are not in sequence order but you have to look on the memory slots itself because of Channel A and B also I used 8 gig memory sticks leaving slot 5 and 6 open. The lesson here is to look on the mother board and the slots that are imprinted on the board itself. I use to think memory slots were usually in sequence but it did not happen this time. I used as a operating system Linux complete with encryption.  The only thing left is to buy a sas cable to access the Raid controller. I am hoping to get at leat two years of service in the mean time looking a a Dell T410 or T 420 because the Dell T 410 can use up to 128 gig of memory. This is important for applications because some browsers are as you know or might not know memory hogs. 

              This is what I have done for June of 2022. Thank you for reading my newsletter. 


Barry L. Crouse


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