Thoughts on my 105th under EU Copyright


                    Today is 05/22/2022. I would like to begin by stating I have been approved for my 105th Copyright under the EU. The work is entitled "648 Bit CPU and 729 Wiring Block Configuration".

                     This work caused me a stumbling block because I started the project back in January of this year. I was out of ideas on how to make this a workable solution.  Now, we are in May of 2022 . I was  getting ready to erase my old Ubuntu 14 Linux system off my laptop and replace it with Linux Mint 20.03. I browsed my file system and came across my 648 bit CPU design folder and the idea popped in my head What if I could  use a number that could unify the 648 bit CPU and 729 bit wiring block for my design. I took my calculator and found the number 9 to be a workable solution. I was trying to stay with 8 bit processing. I than rewrote my wiring block configuration using 9 wires at 81 bits. My CPU was capable of punching 108 bits with 6 wires so by extending my wiring block from 8 to 9 this was completed. Thus I now have a state of the art design using 9 bit processing. This idea supports the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation Concepts and ideas without being aware of it.

                   People may state you got lucky they may or may not be right but I can remember back around 1985 working for Ernst and Whinney part of my coop job was to install on a 8088 processor 40 meg hard drives using PC-DOS hint command lines. At the time, This system  used a 8 bit CPU extended to 16 bit registers and also coupled with studying Assembler and Micro code architecture back at Cuyahoga Community College. Based on my work and education, it was bound to happen and it finally did. The new CPU design uses 9 bit architecture it opens up new programming languages system and Application ,new hardware implementations, security protocols, etc..

                     I know many Big Tech firms will probably reject this because of many reasons one is afraid to make changes but at any rate it can be done and is a workable solution to a crumbling Computer System Infrastructure.

                     The lesson I learned is sometimes you have to be a little more patient than is required for the right opening of opportunity. I learned in Kick Boxing not to go out hard in the 1st couple of rounds because of feeling your opponent out and waiting for the 3rd round to start picking it up. In this case, I had to wait a little longer for the idea to pop in my head which is comparable to the 3rd round in Kickboxing.

                      My Copyright work is located at under Barrys Scientific Based Products Tab.


Barry L. Crouse



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