Thoughts on Church leaders and Social and or Digital Media



                                   Thoughts on Church leaders and Social and or Digital Media

                        Today is 05/12/2022. I would like to discuss my thoughts on church leaders and Social Media.

                         I was watching some videos on my TikTok feed and I noticed one pastor condemming people for studying Asian Martial Arts broken down to Eastern Mysticism it was from a Baptist Preacher who took a extreme view on Eastern Martial Arts. The preacher also mentioned Yoga as part of this "occult". 

                         The preacher did not fully understand the benefits of doing Eastern Based Martial Arts. In my case, I had Asthma and I was taught how to lower my heart beat and calm my self down so the Asthma attack would subside. People who study Eastern Martial Arts derive great benefits and the need for taking pills is greatly reduced and thus substance abuse is diminished . This leads us to to next point which is Churches need to understand that you cannot serve Caesar and God at the same time as some of you already have decided to do you will have a Internal conflict trying to balance this thus God's word is greatly diminished and compromised and we know this cannot happen nor accepted.

                        I also saw some preachers misusing God's word to suit their own purposes such as a condemning people for trying to get noticed  on Social Media making a name for themselves while the preacher is/was building their own Social Media empire this is called hypocrisy.

                        One preacher laid judgement on churches for using chants and than getting emotional much like the Assembly of God or commonly named "Holy Rollers" I do not wish to lay judgment on how people wish to worship God but I watched a documentary of the Byzatine chants and as we know this was the early church before Protestant churches formed mainly in the 1600's. The churches who do these chants appear to show in a modern form The Byzatine chants.

                      On another note, Some church leaders have decided to call elected Public Servants as "authorities" They have disregarded the U.S. Constitution that says "We the people" The people elect public servants to represent them thus people are the authority not Public Servants who are paid by taxpayer money.  This kind of thinking unsurps the peoples power and has led to a decline in America Economically, financially, spiritually, etc..  When you wonder why people do not come to church anymore look yourself in the mirror and you will get it.

                        One final note without getting into politics. I notice some churches have made political statements stating Stand With Ukraine on Social Media without fully understanding that AZOV Nazi brigades serve in the Ukrainian Army in case you did not know. I would suggest you read the Donbass Genocide 2014 -2022.  I feel it is okay to support the Ukrianian people because they are the real ones suffering but to support a government that is in question is immoral. I made donations to the Red Cross  this distinction must be made known. 

                       I will say something known that I rarely talk about. My Aunt Milda was in Germany in the 1930's she was sterilized and ordered to be executed by the Nazis she escaped out of Nazi Germany and ran for her dear life in eastern Europe. My uncle married her and brought her back to Missouri and she lived a great life keep this in mind as well. as far as ABC,CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. you can goto hell.

                      In conclusion, The bible makes it plainly known that we are seperated unto God himself through the blood of Jesus keep this in mind. 


Barry L. Crouse


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