Open letter to Digital news media and my social media


        Today is 03/26/2022. I would like to talk about Digital media news specifically their media superstars visiting my social media accounts as uninvited guess.

         I would like to begin by stating that those Fox superstars mainly Sean Hannity to quit coming out to my social media accounts and beating the war drums and insulting my wife's origins where she came from Russia. In the martial Arts, respect is a two way street something you know very little about by your words hurling insults. I find it kind of odd that these elites come out and preach to you and I about being patriotic and yet none of these people performed a day of military service in their lives. These types of people are never happy unless they try to promote  a new war so that others can die on their own behalf while they sit in their ivory towers. They love people that goto war but they themselves will not go. I can hurl insults at these types of people but that just stoops down to their level which is counter productive. These people think they are kings and queens and do whatever they please without regards to others civil rights, liberty, safety,  and well being and hold little regard.

        On another note, when some media superstars Tami Lahren comes out to my Tik tok account and preaches a message about if you do not like America you should leave. My reply to you is this My family's first presence documented is in the 1600's before America became a country undocumented late 1500's. My message to you is this Since I am considered a Native American you should not be here you are a uninvited guess and you should pack your bags and leave hint you are messing with the wrong person when it comes to being nasty. I am basically a kind person but I can also be a very nasty person when confronted you will get the hard cold truth when you push and you will not like it in kickboxing they teach you not to pull punches it is a bad habit this translates to life's lessons not to duck but confront a enemy when needed.

       These elitist and their family's takes and does not give back instead figure out ways to steal from others.  I also would like to make a statement. I do not want Tacoma News Tribune or Seattle Times coming out here and preaching to me about their ideology and what they believe since you silence people who have a different opinion you should be silenced on my Social Media accounts. I do not wish to engage in hurling insults with media that is hostile, cannot speak the truth and covers the truth up anyway they can. 

        This is why I like the "Good neighbor policy" - Good fences make good neighbors and Mr. Reagon "close this gate and Put up this wall" it is needed to prevent hostile entity's in my sovereign internet space.


Barry L. Crouse



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