Barrys Scientific Based Products March 2022 News


      Today is 03/21/2022 Spring is upon us.  I have been busy lately updating some of my sever security parameters recently I created some 8192 bit Certificates PKCS 12 and a CA certificate. Chrome browser placed it as a untrusted certificate on the My certificate tab under privacy and security because it is self signed and cannot be verified. The CA certificate is 3072 bits RSA this has been listed as well.

       I did this because of all the current events going on and I felt the need to provide for my own self defense regarding cyber security as some 3rd party providers could not provide or insure servers will not go down to the current news events.

        I have recently purchased for some of my websites Verifiable certificates signed by 3rd parties mainly a DNS based certificate and a certificate  for Barry and Irina Partnership cloud hosting these certificates are 2048 bit RSA standard Industry. 
  link for Barry and Irina partnership cloud hosting

          The website allows to search and buy domains. I may upgrade this at a later date. I have also purchased a fully qualified domain name located at for the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation.

            The lesson here is if you have some knowledge about encryption and security you may need to take a proactive stance to protect your own assets in addition to combining 3rd party software to keep your server up and online also I have added some additional extensions to both the Chrome and Opera Browsers under privacy and security. This needs to be taken into account as well. My Email Client exchange server allowed me to use my own self signed certificates to import since they are  stronger grade certificates and allows the 3rd party to proceed with installation and verification. 


Barry L. Crouse



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