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Open letter to Digital news media and my social media

          Today is 03/26/2022. I would like to talk about Digital media news specifically their media superstars visiting my social media accounts as uninvited guess.          I would like to begin by stating that those Fox superstars mainly Sean Hannity to quit coming out to my social media accounts and beating the war drums and insulting my wife's origins where she came from Russia. In the martial Arts, respect is a two way street something you know very little about by your words hurling insults. I find it kind of odd that these elites come out and preach to you and I about being patriotic and yet none of these people performed a day of military service in their lives. These types of people are never happy unless they try to promote  a new war so that others can die on their own behalf while they sit in their ivory towers. They love people that goto war but they themselves will not go. I can hurl insults at these types of people but that just stoops down to their level which is

Barrys Scientific Based Products March 2022 News

        Today is 03/21/2022 Spring is upon us.  I have been busy lately updating some of my sever security parameters recently I created some 8192 bit Certificates PKCS 12 and a CA certificate. Chrome browser placed it as a untrusted certificate on the My certificate tab under privacy and security because it is self signed and cannot be verified. The CA certificate is 3072 bits RSA this has been listed as well.        I did this because of all the current events going on and I felt the need to provide for my own self defense regarding cyber security as some 3rd party providers could not provide or insure servers will not go down to the current news events.         I have recently purchased for some of my websites Verifiable certificates signed by 3rd parties mainly a DNS based certificate and a certificate  for Barry and Irina Partnership cloud hosting these certificates are 2048 bit RSA standard Industry.    link for Barry and Irina partner