Thoughts on NGB Form 22 and National Guard Service


  Thoughts on NGB Form 22 and National Guard Service 


    Barry L. Crouse

  I would like to provide my thoughts on National Guard Military Service. As I get older, I start to reflect on my life a little more and try to make sense of it. In order for me to begin, I must provide a background before I was backdoor drafted in the Military 1982.

                        I still remember some things that were past achievements. I can remember back in 1979 I was 16 years old and in 10th grade. I was attending Berea High School, Berea, Ohio. I had the opportunity to run the 200 meters in the Lake Erie League Conference against a future 200 meter Bronze medallist 1988. On another note, I won the Indoor 400 meter Pioneer Conference title 1980.

In 1981 I won the High school Checker Championship and of course in 1981 I had my picture placed in the Plain Dealer in the Mentor Relays. I also studied advanced Algebra in 12th grade and in fact rewrote many different Equations to make more sense of it receiving A’s and B’s. My English skills were so so. I can remember back in 1981 Outdoor Pioneer Conference Track meet there were Military recruiters present watching us this was made known to me by Tom Paine. I had a controversial time but basically I ran between 50 -51 second 400 meters 18 years old despite my asthma.

I applied for Financial aide and was turned down despite my Dad serving 20 years in the Navy retired and working as a administrator or clerk at a low paying Job Quality Brands Incorporated. I worked in the summer of 1981 odd jobs and got a job with UPS fall 1981 unloading trailers doing 200 packages a hour sometimes I had to dog paddle the packages because their were a few that weighed over 60 lbs and slowed me down. The shift was between 3:00 am – 7:00 am. This job ended. My dad wanted my brother and me to serve in the military and suggested the Army National Guard they offered College tuition and a sign up bonus of 2500.00 for the position as 12b10 Combat Engineer basically a camel job. I signed up in February 1982 reluctantly and went to Fort Leonard wood, Missouri for 13 weeks training One station Unit training. During this time, I had the opportunity to race a person from Jamaica we were neck and neck. He asked me did you use to run track and I replied yes I ran the 400 meters and he replied this was my race to he told me his time 48 seconds 400 meters  I told him 50 for me but my lungs were dried up in Missouri drier climate that made a big difference. The Drill Sergeants took both of us in the office and asked us both why are we both here ? The guy from jam mica told them he was a immigrant. I replied I was too poor to receive Financial aide. The Drill sergeants shook their heads in disbelief knowing full well we do not belong here. 

I came back home and put in my 6 years of Military service 1982 -1988  Honorable discharge. Now we fast forward to 2016 and I find out that NBG Form 22 state military service is no longer acceptable in other words your military service is no good and you are not a Vet. 

What this means is you wasted 6 years of your life and in the end was screwed by the people who wanted you to serve despite your own individual desires which were disregarded. I am no longer able to get VA benefits by the same token I have no obligation to the military anymore. You screwed me. I can go my own way this is called a blessing in disguise. I am free to choose my own path not the desires of others who forced a bad choice on you. When I became as Black belt the official oath was taken that I will follow the way of the Bushido  code. This means to me Honor, Respect, Loyalty are a two way street not a one way street that is based on lies, deception, and immoral. 

            I attended Berea baptist Church from 1975 – 1983 and while I was in boot camp I did not receive one letter accept for my brother Chris so when you talk about loving your brother and providing encouragement this did not happen. A lesson is practice  what you preach.  To make you understand I had strep throat and marched 7 miles 60 pound back pack and collapsed off on the side of the road they hauled me in a hospital gave me a shot when I came back to Cleveland I went to see my brother at the Berea Park swimming pool and I was told by somebody someone said you died I looked at them in utter disbelief.

One final note I was driving home one morning and heard on the radio a dedication song Readem and Weep 1983 Barry Manilow this person seemed to know something about me stated this person ran the 50 meters in the Junior Olympics which I did in South Carolina and the 400 meters in High school from Mentor, Ohio. I do not know who you are but I will leave you this song as well for remembrance Garth Brooks The Dance 1990. I think I do know who you are but not sure.


Barry L. Crouse


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