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Thoughts on NGB Form 22 and National Guard Service

    Thoughts on NGB Form 22 and National Guard Service       By     Barry L. Crouse   I would like to provide my thoughts on National Guard Military Service. As I get older, I start to reflect on my life a little more and try to make sense of it. In order for me to begin, I must provide a background before I was backdoor drafted in the Military 1982.                         I still remember some things that were past achievements. I can remember back in 1979 I was 16 years old and in 10th grade. I was attending Berea High School, Berea, Ohio. I had the opportunity to run the 200 meters in the Lake Erie League Conference against a future 200 meter Bronze medallist 1988. On another note, I won the Indoor 400 meter Pioneer Conference title 1980. In 1981 I won the High school Checker Championship and of course in 1981 I had my picture placed in the Plain Dealer in the Mentor Relays. I also studied advanced Algebra in 12th grade and in fact rewrote many different Equations to make mo

Review of first few months on Facebook

                 Today is 02/03/2022. I now have a facebook account and have been using it the past two weeks. People asked me why would I do this because of the following:                  The past few years when I did not have a facebook account the ads kept popping up on my youtube and other Social Media to please sign up with facebook and connect with old friends and share memories. This is exactly what I did but I have had very few connections with old friends and memories so I will keep facebook for the reason that Barrys Scientific Based Products has a global presence and make people honest about my Intellectual Property namely copyrights and Trademarks. In the past, when I did not have a facebook account 4-5 years I found many different accounts named Barry Crouse so I eliminated this practice of using my name because Barrys Scientific Based Products is tied to Barry Crouse as a address space with facebook this will promote Public Record Integrity.                 As stated in