Thoughts on Karate Kid Part 4 Johnny Lawrence v. Terry Silver


     Since I was blessed on youtube having Karate Kid part 4 scroll across my youtube feeds, I would like to provide some thoughts on the subject matter>

     I watched the fight between Johnny Lawrence and Terry Silver and I was disappointed at the level of combat between advanced Martial Artist because the choreograph needed some more work.

      The beginning shows Terry Dropping Johnny with a front snap kick and Johnny bull rushing Terry. Johnny is hitting Terry in the gut but not in the ribs as most fighters are trained to do also using knee attacks with elbows into Terry's Face was not demonstrated here funny thing is Johnny showed in some parts he could do this. Terry hits Johnny with a strike to the throat perhaps a Eagle or Tiger claw making Johnny step back and fall down grasping his throat. This now becomes interesting because Johnny catches Terry's leg and completes a leg sweep when a ankle bar with a break would have stopped Terry in his tracks this is similar to a arm bar but is taught in Hapkido advanced technique for Black Belts just for your knowledge also taking your elbow and smashing it into his ankle would have also been on the table. I used this technique against a Black belt on my 1st degree Black Belt test.

     The next part shows Terry flicking out high punches to get Johnny to react the better course is for Johnny not to stay flat footed and get caught with a punch moving around in a circular fashion to  use low leg round house attacks following it up with lead jabs using double pump jabs with a nasty hook punch ready to greet Terry Silver when he moves in. I also noticed Terry throwing some Spinning hook kicks which were a little slow I would have closed the distance once Terry showed he was getting ready to plant his foot down using a low leg round house attack and than following up with some boxing techniques jabs, Cross punches using my angles to keep Terry off balance. The end shows Johnny getting dropped by a back side kick unless he gets hit in the upper part of the stomach this would have not been enough to drop a advanced black belt who has been hit there a few times.

      I would like to give Hollywood a present that is my master who trained me for my 1st degree link below:

      The names have been changed to avoid Intellectual property violations named gist of the story.

Barry L. Crouse



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