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Barrys Scientific Based Products News Letter 12/2021

                                                                                                                Barrys Scientific Based Products News Letter 12/2021               Today is 12/11/2021. I have been doing a lot of creative work lately so I will try to highlight some technical news and or commentary:                I have recently obtained a secured DDNS for my Network with a Certificate  of authority Attached to it. This is critical because some DNS servers are having some difficulty and wreaking havoc this was a low cost solution that every person who wants a larger Internet presence should look into instead of relying on DNS servers that cannot map it's IP address to the domain name.                I wanted to go over some Cyber Security Issues that appear to be showing up again. Some people wish to misuse browsers to gain access into a Network such as TOR. When you insist on doing these types of actions you have to open a port which makes yourself vulnerable trying

Thoughts on Hollywood and Vaccine mandates

                    Today is 12/09/2021. I received a message from Hollywood and a hollywood actress regarding her stance on vaccines. I also received a "People Magazine". This is called a hint in lay mans terms to address My position on Vaccines Covid 19.                    I would like to suggest that some of these Hollywood stars become educated on vaccines specifically "One size fits all" mantra. I have already asked the Government to get educated on this and from the looks of it they are doing what is being asked out of them from and by the people.                   I have to talk directly to Hollywood actress namely Jennifer Aniston since she is popping up all over my social media accounts. I would like to give you some information O Negative blood type has no anitgens and has both A and B antibodies, it has also been referenced that a chemical coating on the protein where Covid 19 exploits is on O negative blood types  negating the attack further research has

youtube 3rd party notifications- Respect is a two way street

                 On December 6, 2021 I received a push button notification from Fox Business promoting a view point. This is no problem but certail individuals have taken it upon themselves to mis use these push button notifications and than use gmail to demand respect in a round about way.                I am not a politician or have any connections that I know of so this needs to be addressed from the beginning. I would like to tell these individuals that respect is a two way street not one way. A good example is a certain individual recently obtained a 9th degree Black belt with out ever having to do anything for it. This individual demands respect and calls people losers when they do not support this person. In your eyes, I am a loser but by the same token I did not get everything handed to me on a Silver Platter and had to dig down for what I wanted. A good example is my black belt testing. My test were not easy in fact when I was a Red Belt 1st or 2nd strip the Army made my PT te