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Barrys Scientific Based Products Technology News December 2021

                            Barrys Scientific Based Products                      Today is 11/30/2021 Last day of November and I wanted to go over some of my plans and recent published work.                       I have completed Unifying the Barry Equality Field Equation and Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation with M String Theory. If some of you cannot find my new equation, please find the website below:                                           I have recently agreed to do a few more copyrights with the EU most of the present work is under the EU. This sets up the copyrights completed that have CPU Designs are now eligible for Industrial Design thus I am going to transition from Copyrights to Industrial Designs starting next year 20222. I made a statement about this is my last year in writing copyrights it appears I will have to go a little into next year hopefully not much.                       I have begun t

New Social Media accounts and Affiliates

         Today is 11/24/2021. I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving if you live in America. I have recently opened new social Media accounts mainly to prevent cyber squatting basically someone using my space. The first one is Instagram the link is on the banner see below          The second and third one  is with TikTok and youtube below the links are on the banners below:             I  have added these accounts with Search with Barry ! a custom private meta search engine.           11/24/2021 Barry L. Crouse