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This blog now has a fully qualified domain name

                       Today is 10/28/2021. I have bought a domain name for my blogging site and is now connected to                               I will be adding this domain to Search with Barry ! and Barrys Scientific Based Products I have created some banner ads for Search with Barry and a youtube video to start the ball rolling.                                                                          Marketing Partners with Search with Barry !                  I have provided a banner and youtube video in a effort to promote my blogging website and the search engine that markets

Thoughts on Misguided views about Diversity and Equality -Washington State read this closely

                           Thoughts on Misguided views about Diversity and Equality -Washington State                      I have been bombarded with Diversity and Equal Representation Social media platforms which probably comes from Liberal States such as Washington State and or it's Media Resources.  I will present my views.                     I do not think Liberal States Diversity and Equality Programs in the United States works because of the theology "One Size Fits all" .  Seattle and it's local areas like to blame White races for all their problems they do not care if you are Celtic, Russian, Jewish, Anglo Saxon they have no knowledge of White peoples diverse cultures so their answer is to cancel the culture so I cannot in good faith respect their view points and I will give a brief description of my family's life experience.                  The news media in the United States likes to cover up it's bigger stains in history like Irish Slavery. The rec

Thoughts on Grappling Arts and Combat Martial Arts

                              Today is 10/22/2021. My youtube feed kept showing me videos of Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu (sports) defeating top of the line Korean Martial Arts (Sports). These grappling art stars apparently cannot differentiate between Combat Martial Arts and Sport Martial Arts. I will attempt to express my thoughts.                               The grappling arts are better than the Korean Martial Arts when it comes to sport but in combat example North Korea I would not use this type of system because of the fact that if you are on top of your opponent you could easily receive a bayonet in your back by another soldier this is not a realistic system for combat situations. I would rather use stand up fighting techniques and take my chances standing up with better chance of surviving.                                I spent from 1981 - 1999 studying the Korean System both Hapkido and Tae-kwon-do with some Judo also have my Black belt certificates 3 registered trolls of the world

Jacob the Trickster and Esau Restoration

                           Jacob “The Trickster” and Esau and Restoration”   Today is 10/21/2021. I have been watching some preachers talk often about Esau -Eldest son in the Book of Genesis and how his birthright was stolen from him so I would like to create a story that closely resembles this but not using the Bible but as a reference. I will now begin There once was a elder son whom was very loved by his father named Esau Restoration his Dad served in the military and desired his eldest son to become a black belt. This father left for sea for about one year during the Vietnam era.    Esau the eldest son grew and worked for everything and became a Black belt while Jacob the trickster figured out ways to steal from everyone and everybody.  One day his fathered died and Esau found out that his family disowned and disinheritied by Jacob the trickster’s family members in fact his father’s parting words to Esau’s wife was thank you for keeping my son alive.  These family members