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Thoughts on Creating a Digital Soverign Space - Individuals

                   Today is 09/192021. I would like to discuss the idea of creating a Digital Sovereign space for individuals and why there is a need for it.                   The audience I am reaching  out to is someone who has over 20 years of experience in their field mainly science and technology.                 I believe that a person who has a combination of both Public and Private experience along with extensive Education, copyrights, and trademarks should have the ability to create and enjoy a sovereign space one that National Governments should recognize. I am mainly talking about the ability to issue your own trademarks and Industrial Design Patents that are based on copyrights registered with a Foreign entity example If you live in the United States and you submit a copyright in Canada and have it approved . Another example computer mother board design you can create a Industrial Design patent based on the copyright. Another good example could be Barrys scientific Based Pr

Thoughts on Watching the Dragon Style Kung Fu form

             Today is 09/05/2021. I was watching the Dragon Style Kung Fu Form and seen some of the comments about the essential 5 animal forms that combine and blend into this type of style and I would like to provide some thoughts on this.           As some of you know or might not know, I have practiced Martial Arts for over 40 years and have learned many things requiring refinement and development.            I thought about this and how this applies to my own situation and experiences. I created my own style around 2003 after years and years of Korean Martial Arts ITF Tae-kwon-Do and Hap-Kido also I studied Aikido for about a year with the understanding of Hard and Soft Power. My Korean Martial Arts where I studied used some Judo not to a large extent. I observed some of Hap-Kido combined some Tiger Style Kung Fu that used some moves Tiger Claw and Palm Heel that if modified slighly looks like a Tiger Claw. The Dragon Style form used a downward hammer fist and showed some boxing i