My Plans update 07/03/2021



      Today is 07/03/2021. I have been receiving inquiry's into Barrys Scientific Based Products service mark of Washington State Apostille Class 42 Science and Technology. 


        I would like to begin by stating that it is my wish sometime this year or next year to begin Design Patents. I argued about this with a U.S. attorney on the social media reddit  but got no where with this. The reason why I wanted to place design patents on my copyrighted and trademarked work is to strengthen my Intellectual Property since they do have very unique designs. The U.S. attorney wanted a utility patent but I told him it would end in failure because of the following:

        1). Tech Giants would use the legal system to make a individual pay for legal services that they cannot afford and winding up with nothing in the end. The U.S. lawyer thinks money grows on a tree maybe for him but not for me.

       2). Tech Giants and or trolls would have inside information in the patent office and therefore would have enough time to sink the utility patent and again the money paid for the fees would be wasted. 


             The U.S. attorney for patents likes to call inventors idiots and likes to boast about being a lawyer and having access to Europe showed very arrogant behavior. I explained to him I do not need Europe because my wife is from Russia and I would have access to the Asian Markets which is more appealing to me anyways since I studied martial arts for 40 plus years Korean style. I explained this to the U.S. Attorney patent lawyer he was dismissive did not care and continued his arrogant behavior. I also told him I have been in the computer field for 40  plus years so I told him you probably were not born when I started my first class in computers 1982.

              I would suggest the following:

              The individual would on their own submit a Design Patent and a 1 year temporary patent on their own so that we can have the legal system show some degree of honesty and integrity which I think it lacks. If tech giants want to buy these ideas than a lawyer that understands the amount of work and effort made by the inventor will be appreciated and compelled to be more honest and not have trolls around the USPTO office.

               I would like to provide my summary by stating the following:

              1). The USPTO should do more to protect individual inventors and small companys that means big tech giants will face restrictions such as corporate espionage that the U.S. media fails to understand or be honest about. Yes, their will always be foreign entity's engaging in Espionage but by the same token their has been a serious failure in corporate espionage by Tech Giants to pull the reins or leashes on these people. I will give you a lesson that was taught by me many years ago by a Grandmaster in Korean Martial Arts. I was learning a new form in the Pal-Gue series and I was trying to duplicate the form but my Master yelled at me and told me to do the form on my own  you will do the form differently than what you are seeing. Do not pay attention to others but your own self  was the lesson taught and that is how I have done my work since than "on my own".

              I think the tech giants should pay attention to it's own self and not worry about a individual inventor because their cyber security appears to not be up to standards or is lacking in some areas.



Barry L. Crouse            






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