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    Today is 07/10/2021 I would like to discuss my issues with facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also included is their "Stars".

     I have been banned off of twitter and facebook and have chosen to ban them from my Intellectual Property usage of my name. I have written 96 U.S. and Canadian Copyrights dealing with science and technology along with the copyrights I have a few trademarks registered with various states. 

    On Christmas day last year 2020, Twitter suspended my account without any good reason so I have banned them from my Intellectual Property and notified the Attorney General of California this also included Facebook.

    We Barry Crouse, Facebook, and twitter do not get along. One of the reasons is my wife is from the former Soviet Union and the west made promises regarding free speech that it does not adhere to very well when people have a different view point facebook and twitter censures free speech bending the laws to suit their purposes and using law enforcement as a means to get their way. This is a bad business model because the world looks at the United States and concludes that these social media giants control everything which should not be this way.

    I have also had difficulty in dealing with the stars of twitter and facebook because my view points and attitude are different because I came from the east coast with a more hard attitude. I have spent 40 plus years in the Martial Arts and my beginnings where I learned was from back east (Cleveland Ohio) hard work is the core essence in everything I do. In Korean Martial Arts, part of the training is the weather elements cold, hot, rain, snow. I know many people on the west coast are not use to this type of training because I have observed this for over 20 plus years in Washington State but the pros for this is it brings focus, discipline, determination and other Intangibles that have not been mentioned. 

      The social media celbrity's  were playing "be a star" enjoy the limelight I concentrated on being the best I can be in the Martial Arts along with Science and Technology. The best way to sum this up is from Ric Flair former professional wrestler when he use to tell Hulk Hogan while you were busy being in Hollywood I was busy wrestling being the best think about it.


Barry Crouse


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