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Dealing with Social media and celebritys

        Today is 07/10/2021 I would like to discuss my issues with facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also included is their "Stars".      I have been banned off of twitter and facebook and have chosen to ban them from my Intellectual Property usage of my name. I have written 96 U.S. and Canadian Copyrights dealing with science and technology along with the copyrights I have a few trademarks registered with various states.      On Christmas day last year 2020, Twitter suspended my account without any good reason so I have banned them from my Intellectual Property and notified the Attorney General of California this also included Facebook.     We Barry Crouse, Facebook, and twitter do not get along. One of the reasons is my wife is from the former Soviet Union and the west made promises regarding free speech that it does not adhere to very well when people have a different view point facebook and twitter censures free speech bending the laws to suit their purposes and using law

My Plans update 07/03/2021

          Today is 07/03/2021. I have been receiving inquiry's into Barrys Scientific Based Products service mark of Washington State Apostille Class 42 Science and Technology.            I would like to begin by stating that it is my wish sometime this year or next year to begin Design Patents. I argued about this with a U.S. attorney on the social media reddit  but got no where with this. The reason why I wanted to place design patents on my copyrighted and trademarked work is to strengthen my Intellectual Property since they do have very unique designs. The U.S. attorney wanted a utility patent but I told him it would end in failure because of the following:         1). Tech Giants would use the legal system to make a individual pay for legal services that they cannot afford and winding up with nothing in the end. The U.S. lawyer thinks money grows on a tree maybe for him but not for me.        2). Tech Giants and or trolls would have inside information in the patent office and