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                    Today is 05/10/2021. I was going through the youtube videos and one thing that tend to stick out the past few days was a Innovator named Steve Jobs and in their included Albert Einstein.


                       I would like to point out that the people I mentioned compared to myself have fundamental differences in beliefs. These people tended to lean toward the secular world whereas I leaned toward Intelligent Design. I would like to state these people were brilliant in their own right and I would not want to take this away from them but at the same time I believed they had some fundamental flaws in their approaches.


                       In Albert Einstein's case, I have mentioned this over a number of years  about his equation not being correct and used Computers and Mathematics with some physics to prove my point as demonstrated in November 2018 when I balanced the Barry equality Field equation. Albert Einstein did not have access to Computers or the Engineering aspect which I have so this gives me a big advantage this is much like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron in different era's if you will. I also practiced Martial Arts for over 40 plus years giving me a profound knowledge of Energy and Motion. I would say this it is one thing to make a Equation write a theory it is another when you can take that theory and make it work out in the real world such as the Barry equality Field equation works with Network Topology Designs (Computer Sciences). I must make it clear I do not believe in the Big bang Theory nor the One event Horizon hint Stephen Hawkins because I believe in Intelligent Design-God I do not believe in a theory that provides a Gap between the Big bang Theory and God this places limitations on God and would not reflect my core beliefs. I recently completed a new equation named Barry Infinity Equality Field equation that can effectively compete with Hawkins One event Horizon Black Hole and my new equation does support Quantum Cryptography. Before Stephen Hawkins died, I was left with a strange message about too bad I will never win the Nobel Peace Prize that maybe true because of my belief in Intelligent Design-God but I do not let this get me down because I know this type of prize only is awarded to secular scientist. 

                 When we look at Einstein and Hawkins, they are great scientist in their own right no disrespect but at the same time I have fundamental disagreements with them. I was able to bridge Computer Sciences with Mathematics to create new Physic Equations that can be applied in practical applications that many people or company's can use.

                  I will now turn my attention to Steve Jobs. I believe we do have some similarity's but differences at the same time. Steve Jobs was successful most of his life while I have had to struggle most of mine. I do not envy the person but respect him for his accomplishments as well. Steve Jobs was a Innovator and came up with many new ideas. I also have had many ideas and I marketed these ideas to the best of my ability. I did not rest on past achievements but stayed hungry throughout the years.  When it was raining or snowing, I was out doing my Martial Arts training. I can remember living in a Foxhole in the National Guard learning how to live out in the field so my life was never comfortable and that was what kept me going all these years the hunger inside of me something that very few people can understand or comprehend. as far as similarity's Yes, Steve Jobs video stated he was unloved and unwanted in this world and we both suffered the same feelings our experiences are different but arrived at the same answer as well. The world does not like people who march to their own beat but they want uniformity "One size fixes all" . The military told me a long time ago that you do not belong here you march to your own drums you cannot help it that is the way you are made. 

               If you understand Hyungs or Korean patterns, This means practicing Internal and External Principles and concepts. The secular world does not really understand Internal concepts things that you have inside your untapped energy that needs to come outside and expressed. When I talk about Energy, This includes creativity, Innovations, Ideas, Concepts, personality, etc.. this composes the human mind and you will find that each and everyone has Unique and different traits that define ourselves. Being a part of the "Collective", will not bring you long lasting satisfaction and will only lead to your unhappiness in the end. As far as Steve Jobs and wealth, I agree with him to some degree but there has to come a time when a person has to drink from the Silver Cup do not be consumed with Wealth it is only temporary but living like the salt of the Earth is not the answer either as I have witness and experienced this many times over. We have to find a balance of Material things and Spiritual.


Barry L. Crouse


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