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Dear Government and News Media quit pushing your Monkey DNA vaccines on others

         This is a open letter to News Media and the Governments who insist on pushing monkey DNA Vaccines on others.         I would like to begin by stating that Monkey to Human DNA is measured at 70 percent not 99 percent because this was estimated back in the 70's when Computers were in their infancy. The information was also presented by creation ministry's. I am not a bio chemist but to my understanding and research a monkey cell is used for a full report please view link below it discusses fusion with the human cells creating a chemical reaction link below      I also completed research on people who have o negative blood types and found the article below      Certain cells that Covid 19 uses or has access are not present in this blood type so this gives a certain amount of immunity. World Governments, News Media, Some churches who insist one size fits all Vaccine really show a p

Thoughts about Innovation and Historical Figures

                        Today is 05/10/2021. I was going through the youtube videos and one thing that tend to stick out the past few days was a Innovator named Steve Jobs and in their included Albert Einstein.                               I would like to point out that the people I mentioned compared to myself have fundamental differences in beliefs. These people tended to lean toward the secular world whereas I leaned toward Intelligent Design. I would like to state these people were brilliant in their own right and I would not want to take this away from them but at the same time I believed they had some fundamental flaws in their approaches.                          In Albert Einstein's case, I have mentioned this over a number of years  about his equation not being correct and used Computers and Mathematics with some physics to prove my point as demonstrated in November 2018 when I balanced the Barry equality Field equation . Albert Einstein did not have access to Computers