My thoughts on having a spiritual connected moment



                 Today is 04/07/2021. I have been thinking about writing this for  quiet sometime. People have been wanting to know a little more than sports, science, business topics. I think the best way to present this is by placing it in a story format so I will do it this way.



                   I can remember around May 1979 Baldwin Wallace, Berea, Ohio. I was going to run the 1600 meter relay  four people 400 meters per person. I can remember it was cold and damp that night so I knew I was going to have some problems because of my Asthma. I was 16 years old at the time. I ran my portion of the 400 meters with my time a little off. After the race, I was dizzy and seeing stars along with my legs shaking. I can remember being barely able to walk and found a place behind some bushes outside the stadium and passed out for about 1 hour. I felt much better afterwards staggering but able to walk about two - three miles back to home.


                 I remembered that I went to the Berea Public swimming pool around July 1979 it was warm. I began to see somebody from my past that I went to church with. She was roughly my age 16. I find it very hard to describe. She moved to Indiana in 1978 it was like God took me back in time because it was 1979. I kept my eyes opened and she was still there when I closed my eyes the moment was gone and everything was back to normal it was like a veil was placed on me in a different dimension. if you can sum this moment up in a song, I believe Dust in the Wind by Kansas would be the best song in this instance. About two years ago 2019 I was doing my traffic exchange in Traffic Adbar and the picture showed up again the same thing I saw back in 1979. I was stunned and did not know what to do it was very strange. I do believe that as humans we have a spirit and do not come from Monkeys as our world has us to believe. The bible talks about being in the likeness and Image of God. I also believe that angels report to God what happened and he brings certain events upon us that cannot be put in words or described and makes you remember things a jolt from the past.


                 I have hardly ever talked about this but when you are a Martial Artist who spent 40 plus years it is said at the age of ascension roughly 44 years old your spirit begins to take over your body and it looks to be true.



Barry Crouse



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