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In Response to "Readem and Weep" sung by Barry Manilow

                  Today is 04/17/2021. I would like to ell another story that has odd twist and turns.                  In March 2021, I was coming home after driving my wife to work and we were listening to Casey Kasem. Casey was giving a dedication from a Individual with the following story.                 The person knew of someone who ran in 6th Grade the Junior Olympics 50 yard dash in a different state than this person moved to Ohio and ran the 400 meters. The individual than dedicated a song by Barry Manilow Readem and Weep". This individual from the looks of it wanted to send me a message because I ran the 50 yard dash in 6th Grade Junior Olympics and than the 400 meters. I can remember I had a lot of success back in 1980 winning the Indoor 400 meters Pioneer Conference meet.               The following month April 2021 I began to complete a google search on myself and found under my name some old track pictures that were listed as Historic images. I knew some of these pi

My thoughts on having a spiritual connected moment

                     Today is 04/07/2021. I have been thinking about writing this for  quiet sometime. People have been wanting to know a little more than sports, science, business topics. I think the best way to present this is by placing it in a story format so I will do it this way.                        I can remember around May 1979 Baldwin Wallace, Berea, Ohio. I was going to run the 1600 meter relay  four people 400 meters per person. I can remember it was cold and damp that night so I knew I was going to have some problems because of my Asthma. I was 16 years old at the time. I ran my portion of the 400 meters with my time a little off. After the race, I was dizzy and seeing stars along with my legs shaking. I can remember being barely able to walk and found a place behind some bushes outside the stadium and passed out for about 1 hour. I felt much better afterwards staggering but able to walk about two - three miles back to home.                    I remembered that I went to