My thoughts on Spiritual abuse and Theological Thugs



                            Today is 03/07/2021. I recently watched a youtube video on someone discussing Spiritual Abuse and Theological Thugs and thought about my situation.


                             Spiritual abuse after completing research is taken from the Bible and used to do harm to others there are many examples of this such as the following:


                             Using the youtube video, To show women in questionable clothing and than accusing somebody of sin when it comes across your youtube feed via robot.


                             Preachers on youtube video wanting to convey a message about all the sin in your past and you made a unpardonable sin and you cannot be redeemed. 


                            Another example is using someone's life that is similar to yours, and using it against them example after posting a blog about why I kept receiving for two straight weeks The Highlander series regarding Duncan and Tessa about her ending. In this instance, this is a example of engaging in spiritual abuse, Psychological warfare, and using a Theological Thug to make statements about my wife's country as a Demonic State against Israel in the Book of Revelation.


                            I have confronted these people and called them out on these types of issues. My wife and I have are very similar in the Highlander Series she is from Europe and I am from a Gaelic clan. These people find other people to belittle your fighting skills by the way I studied Korean Martial Arts under the ITF forum combat martial arts not the sport WTF so that there is no misunderstanding on this as well .  These types of people make every attempt to discredit your skills Psychological warfare and show how these Hollywood stars are so much better than me.

                           I will begin to address these issues in a number format and they are below:

                         1).  Romans 3:23 and John 3:16 these verses I use in the King James Translation Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" King James so I would suggest to these Preachers to take a good look at yourself You are also a sinner. When we accept the Lord Jesus Christ John 3:16, we have everlasting life so we do have a way to heaven. I became a born again believer October 8, 1978 so I know where I am going to heaven.


                         2). I would like to tell people that when you preach the book of Revelations and use my wife's country Russia in this event do not forget who they will be fighting the Anti Christ and the Revived Roman Empire (West). I find it kind of odd when they (preachers) only talk about Russia, China, and Persia  and forget about the Anti Christ and the Revived Roman Empire which says to me this is nothing more than being a Theological Thug.

                         3). I will now address the spiritual abusers regarding my wife's and myself life. I want you to understand that I have trained consistently since 1981 long before your series came on. I studied under the ITF I do not have flashy kicks and use two or three different spin kicks but mostly I use knees, Front snap Kicks, Low Round House, Crescent Kicks Instep and Out step, side kicks elbows and boxing. My style is not flashy but it is effective and yes I still train consistently to this day even at the age of 58 and my skills are still intact because last year in the summer I was able to hear the wind as I would complete my kicks in round work. I am not trying to boast or make any statements but, these Spiritual abusers like to engage in Psychological warfare so it is required to give them some idea that you are not as great as you think you are.

                    In conclusion, When the Spiritual abusers and Theological Thugs use Social media Youtube for bad intentions it only shows how far you have come down the wrong path and I will be training even harder this year make sure you understand what is being said here. My wife is my soul mate and I will fight very hard if need be I have trained for this day. Your problem is with me not my wife hiding behind a rock does not solve your serious mental issues.


Barry L. Crouse






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