32768 bit Certificate completed on 03/13/2021



                 Today is 03/13/2021. I created a Private key of 32768 bits using Sha-512 to create a PKCS 12 and CA  server Certificate. They were placed on the Firefox browser and it was accepted.



                   The total time to create the certificate took 1 hour and 1 minute. I can use this as a means to secure communication .crt as well.



                   I had a idea using a HP laptop about 9-10 years old that still works and I guess I got lucky given about 15 years ago I took a AMD 939 CPU created 4 subkeys 4096 bits and fried the pins on the CPU so the attempt was successful. The gamble paid off.

                  The certificate is good for one year.


Barry L. Crouse


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