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32768 bit Certificate completed on 03/13/2021

                     Today is 03/13/2021. I created a Private key of 32768 bits using Sha-512 to create a PKCS 12 and CA  server Certificate. They were placed on the Firefox browser and it was accepted.                        The total time to create the certificate took 1 hour and 1 minute. I can use this as a means to secure communication .crt as well.                        I had a idea using a HP laptop about 9-10 years old that still works and I guess I got lucky given about 15 years ago I took a AMD 939 CPU created 4 subkeys 4096 bits and fried the pins on the CPU so the attempt was successful. The gamble paid off.                   The certificate is good for one year. 03/13/2021 Barry L. Crouse

My thoughts on Spiritual abuse and Theological Thugs

                                Today is 03/07/2021. I recently watched a youtube video on someone discussing Spiritual Abuse and Theological Thugs and thought about my situation.                                Spiritual abuse after completing research is taken from the Bible and used to do harm to others there are many examples of this such as the following:                                Using the youtube video, To show women in questionable clothing and than accusing somebody of sin when it comes across your youtube feed via robot.                                Preachers on youtube video wanting to convey a message about all the sin in your past and you made a unpardonable sin and you cannot be redeemed.                                Another example is using someone's life that is similar to yours, and using it against them example after posting a blog about why I kept receiving for two straight weeks The Highlander series regarding Duncan and Tessa about her ending. In this i

March Newsletter 2021

         Today is 03/01/2021. I have much to report and talk about so I will get right into it.         On February 2021, I was approved for a service mark in Idaho named "Barry and Irina Partnership"  it is now registered.         I have ran across some questionable Certificate of Authority's example a hosting service I paid for hosted the website and SSL. Mozilla Firefox reported the certificated I purchased was self signed. After completing research, I found it used a Private Cluster and it stays within the Network itself so I basically paid 56.00 for the Hosting and 19.00 for the SSL that was reported self signed. I basically had to use a redirect on the website to the original business not a choice of mine but it provides a temporary patch.       I will have to consider a new hosting service or try and salvage it by replacing the SSL that is not in house. I could not figure out why after months and months of heavy advertising why the search engines did not list it.